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Designated Drivers Program (DDP)

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DDP is a free Queensland Health initiative, where licensees are provided with all the necessary resources to run a structured designated driver program. Patrons who willingly take on the role of designated driver (by not drinking so they can drive others home safely) are rewarded with free soft drinks.

Running a DDP at your venue involves:

You can choose how and when you run the program. The process involves:

You may have noticed Go Transit bus advertising getting around promoting the DDP. This advertising has been organised by the Bayside Licensed Venues Accord and Queensland Health. It invites the public to text for a list of venues that offer the program.

The South East Queensland program has approximately 30 venues on board. There are plenty of resources in stock and more venues are welcome to sign up. If you’d like more information or want to register your venue, please email MSAMHS_ADS_Preventative@health.qld.gov.au or phone (07) 3167 8324.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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