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Digital IDs

RSA Online News

Digital versions of approved IDs are now acceptable evidence of age, including for the purposes of ID scanning.

Currently, there are five forms of ID acceptable in licensed venues and a number of these now come in a digital version. These include the Australia Post Keypass identity card (Digital iD™) and the South Australian driver’s licence available through the MySA Gov app. The NSW Government has also announced that digital licences will be available across NSW by the end of 2019.

When it comes to scanning IDs, you must not confiscate the phone or device even if it displays a digital ID that you have concerns about. The Liquor Act doesn’t require, or allow, a licensee to do so. 

If you are presented with a digital ID that you suspect is fake or doesn’t belong to the person presenting it, complete and submit a report for action by OLGR. For this purpose, the ID confiscation report form has been updated to allow for reporting of issues with digital ID.

We are currently working with the ID Scanner Approved Operators to develop a method by which ID scanners can accept digital IDs. In the short term, if a patron presents a digital ID, you can either request a hard copy ID or enter the details into the ID scanner manually.

Go to Identification (ID) for all patrons for more information.




Monday, August 13, 2018 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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