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Liquor Licences cancelled

RSA Online News

Thank you to the overwhelming number of licensees – 7,745 (or 90.29%) - who paid their liquor licence fees by the due date of 31 July 2018. 

If you did not pay your annual liquor licence fee, your liquor licence has now been cancelled. 

You also may be subject to enforcement action, such as on-the-spot fines or prosecution if you are found to have sold, exposed or carried liquor for sale during the suspension or cancellation period.

Once cancelled, liquor licences cannot be reinstated. 

After allowing three days to receive BPAY payments, 625 licensees had their licences suspended for not paying their liquor licence fees on time.

The following licence cancellations came into effect on 29 August 2018, as a result of non-payment of annual fees:
  • 240 liquor licences
  • 1 gaming licence
  • 4 wine licences.
Details on how to apply for a liquor licence can be found on our website at www.business.qld.gov.au/liquor-gaming.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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