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Liquor licensees and criminal gangs

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According to the Liquor Act 1992, people who are wearing or carrying certain prohibited items associated with a declared criminal organisation are prohibited from entering or remaining on licensed premises.

These new laws also place obligations on liquor licensees and their staff to tell a person wearing or carrying prohibited items to immediately leave the premises. It is an offence for that person to remain on the premises if they have been asked to leave. If you need help removing members of a declared criminal organisation from your licensed premises please contact Queensland Police Service (QPS).

As a licensee, permit-holder or approval-holder, if QPS declares you to be an identified participant of a criminal organisation, your licence will be cancelled. 

Prohibited items

Prohibited items are defined in section 173EA of the Liquor Act 1992.

A prohibited item includes an item of clothing or jewellery or an accessory that displays:

Declared Criminal Organisations

The following 26 entities have been declared to be criminal organisations in Australia:

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