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Training Requirement for Bartender in Australian states

What you need for the job you want...

Bartending in Australia is no more a part-time profession. It is now one of the most decorated career options for the passionate and the creative individuals, who are trying to get into something which catches a greater public eye and win them the limelight of success. The 2.5% job growth rate and a rewarding annual salary beyond $24,000 are the prime reasons why bartending is the new tomorrow of the Australian career industry. The very feel of the work which involves preparing cocktails and juggling the drink mixers in attractive ways and wooing people with the craze of Mixology...sounds great as a smart job description. 




So how can one pursue the dream of being a Bartender? Will mere drink mixing and garnishing skills suffice? What are all those important prerequisites to become a good bartender? Nope, It is also equally important to pursue your passion at the licensed premises to keep those legal problems at the bay. 


Bartending licence is something which is very much important for those who wish to possess a property which promotes the sale of alcohol. Licenced premises like a bar, pub, restaurants and resorts need a liquor licence to be able to sell or serve alcohol to their customers. 



Bartender wanting to work in licensed premises need to prove that they have gone through the state permitted training and realize laws regarding the sale of alcohol and other connected features. Each state has a minimum legal age to sell alcohol, certifying requirements are also different. They have diverse classes and fundamentals.


Galaxy Training Australia gives you a checklist, following which nobody can stop your place in qualifying to work in the best Bar in your city. It is compulsory to complete some kind of training to be able to work as a bartender, but you don’t need to attend a proper place to get one. There are many registered training organisations that offer you with the required training in an online environment and help you get the certificate from the comfort of your home. 


1. Understand the laws:

You need to know the laws of the state. Most states mainly have the same legal necessities with slight differences. However, there are some states that have considerably different codes. Sometimes, diversity such as courses dissimilarities and laws pertaining to the handling of alcohol differ too. Therefore, it is vital to know the precise terms of the state you want to work in before you enrol for the program.


2. Finding the right training organisation:

There are many training organisations which offer courses online, but there are very few websites that actually offer recognized courses. Accredited courses are state-approved courses that fulfil all the requirements of the final exam required to get your licence. The Government- approved courses which are designed by skilled educators from the food, beverage, and hospitality industry; the programs provide state-specific, well-equipped introductory courses, teaching useful practices which will help you in your F&B career. Australia has now seen a number of fraudulent cases while RSA training is concerned. RSA certification is mandatory for careers like bar staff, bartenders, event staff etc. There are many websites which have been royally sending out wrong messages to people of getting an RSA certification for a cheaper rate than the legit ones. People fall prey to such attractive offers only to find out that these are fake and illegal RSA providers

It is therefore important to choose the right kind of trainer who is legally approved to be one.




3. Successful completion of the course:

Completing the preferred course in the given time frame becomes as one of the most important aspects to be observed here. The certificate would be given only after completing the evaluation at the end of the course. Mere reading the course content without taking the assessments cannot make you a qualified alcohol selling outlet owner. After you have cleared all the assessments, all you have to do is take a print out of the certificate of completion and save it as an important document.


Due to each Australian state having slightly different requirements for the serving of alcohol, workers will need to obtain an RSA certificate relevant to the state you wish to work in. This certification is necessary for bartenders, table-waiting staff in approved establishments, employees at corporate and sporting events and even airline staff who will be attending to passengers asking for alcoholic drinks on board the plane.



Monday, November 18, 2019 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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