Liquor and gaming trading - Christmas and New Year

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Summary of trading hours, the service of alcohol, and the operation of gaming machines over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

  • On Christmas Eve, the sale and supply of alcohol and the operation of gaming machines must finish at 12 midnight.
  • On Christmas Eve (from 12 midnight) and throughout Christmas Day, adult entertainment is prohibited.
  • On Christmas Eve (from 12 midnight), throughout Christmas Day, and up until 10 am on Boxing Day, gaming machines must not operate. The use of Gaming machines may recommence from 10 am on Boxing Day.
  • On Christmas Day, liquor is permitted to be sold and supplied between 10 am and 12 midnight in conjunction with a meal in an area that is normally set aside for dining. Patrons may purchase alcohol 1 hour before eating their meal, during their meal, and up to 1 hour after their meal.
  • On Christmas day, takeaway alcohol cannot be sold.
  • On Boxing Day, liquor and gaming trading hours and conditions resume as normal.
  • On New Year's Eve, you are permitted to sell and supply liquor until 2 am on New Year's Day, regardless of your normal approved trading hours. Gaming machines may also continue to operate until 2.30 am. If you have approved liquor and/or gaming trading hours beyond 2 am you may continue as normal.