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How it Works

For employers, recruitment agencies, corporates, schools & colleges looking to bulk-buy our courses for a group of learners (employees, job applicants, students), we offer a fast & easy self-service way to bulk purchase 'prepaid course credit codes'.
These prepaid codes can be used by your learners to complete payment for a course on our website.
Create your bulk order, complete payment, and receive codes - in just 2-3 minutes. Simple and Quick!
For more information, read the instructions below.

Fast & Easy
Never Expire
Credit life
Key Features

Fast & Easy Self-Service Process

Yes, you read it right. We understand the value of your time and effort and henceforth, offer you a quick & easy to use, fully automated self-service feature. Hassle-free no wait experience, just for you!

Credits Do Not Expire

We believe in transparency and fair practices. Prepaid course credit codes you purchase from us are like currency. Since currency does not expire, why should your prepaid codes! Therefore, our prepaid codes do not expire.

Detailed Real-time reporting

Need to see your order details, check the balance, manage your prepaid codes, or find out the usage information - Don't worry! We have got you covered — Single screen dashboard for all your needs.

Steps to buy & use prepaid codes

Steps for Organisations (Payer for prepaid codes)

  • Create Order
  • Complete Payment
  • Access Prepaid Codes

Create Order

Time: 2-3 minutes To create a bulk order - Click here
Enter your details and the required quantities for each course (RSA, RSG, RSA RSG Bundle).
Click the 'Submit' button to create your order and you will be presented with the payment options screen.

Complete Payment

Time: 2 minutes
  • PAY NOW: Instant payment via Credit/Debit card or Online Wallet.
  • PAY LATER: Unpaid tax invoice is sent to your email address(es). Payment can be made via Credit/Debit card, Online Wallet, Direct Debit or Purchase Order

Access Prepaid Codes

View the order details, prepaid codes and codes usage data. Upon successful completion of payment, you receive via email -
  • Paid tax invoice
  • Link to "report page" for your order with "prepaid course credit codes". You can then provide one(1) code each to your learners — a prepaid code can be used only once. Please keep the link and prepaid codes private. Report page shows all prepaid code of an order and their related usage status/details.

Steps for Learners (Consumers of prepaid codes)

  • Sign Up, Login & Start Free Trial
  • Complete Payment Using Prepaid Code
  • Complete Online Knowledge Assessment
  • Complete Online Practical Assessment
  • Download Certificate

Sign Up, Login & Start Free Trial

Time: 2 minutes To start an online course, you need to create an account. You can create an account here.
Once you have created an account successfully, you can log in and start a course.
Start free trial: Once logged in, you can start with a free trial of any of our courses.

Complete Payment - Pay after the free trial to continue

Time: 2 minutes When you reach the end of the free trial, you will need to pay for the course to continue. You will be presented with different payment options.
Choose the prepaid code option and enter the prepaid code provided by your employer/organisation. Once your prepaid code has been successfully accepted to complete the payment step, you can continue your course.

Complete Online Knowledge Assessment - Start, pause, resume anytime

Time: Depends on the course elected, your knowledge, past experience and computer skills. During the course, you can pause and resume at any time, from any device, as it is 100% online. Your progress gets automatically saved on our servers.

Complete Online Practical Assessment

Time: 10-15 minutes Submit your responses: Depending on the course you have undertaken, you may need to submit responses to a verbal and/or short answer assessment.
Trainer's review: You will be notified of the result via email as soon as a trainer finishes reviewing your responses. This usually takes a few hours, but may take a maximum of 1 working day.

Download Your Certificate

Time: 1 minute Upon successful completion of all the assessments, you will receive your Statement of Attainment instantly and an interim certificate(RSA-NSW only) within 1 business day.

Ready to purchase course credits in bulk?

We, at Galaxy Training Australia, have helped individuals and organisations around the country, get the education and qualification they need, to get started in a new role. At GTA, customer satisfaction is of primary importance. Our support system is developed to help our customers in every instance. Buy with us today and discover why people across Australia choose us as their training provider!

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