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Responsible Service of Alcohol

Valid in VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, ACT, TAS
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RSA VIC Course

  • SITHFAB021

    Latest Unit

    Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol.

    Nationally Accredited Unit of Competency.

  • Duration: 3-6 Hours* The delivery hours may vary depending upon your experience, knowledge and general understanding. It includes both training & assessment components and is based on intermediate learners with some experience.
  • Course Due Date: 3 months from enrolment date
RSA Online Nationally Recognised Training

RSA VIC Assessment

We offer RSA online training with state-specific assessment that includes a combination of:

  • Single/multiple choice questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Short answer questions
  • Matching question
  • Simulated work environment based scenario questions
  • Verbal assessment

RSA VIC Certificate

  • Statement of Attainment valid in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania. Download instantly upon the successful completion of the course.
    Print & Post: (Optional $16) Get your Statement of Attainment printed copy and a wallet-size plastic card.
  • Victorian RSA certificate valid in Victoria - Issued after you complete the VCGLR's free online RSA bridging course to have your interstate Statement of Attainment recognised in Victoria.
    Expiry: The RSA certificate expires in 3 years. After this time, you must complete a refresher course.

RSA Requirements

You would need access to:

  • Any device (computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone) with internet access. Our site works on any device and platform.
  • A telephone OR device capable of recording audio for the verbal assessment.
  • A unique email inbox
  • USI (Unique Student Identifier)
  • A valid photo ID

RSA Online Victoria

What is RSA

RSA Meaning

RSA, or Responsible Service of Alcohol, is a vital certification for individuals employed in Australia's hospitality sector and serving alcohol.

  • Our comprehensive RSA training program equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the safe and responsible operation of licensed premises.
  • Our RSA online Victoria course covers a wide range of essential topics, including accurately measuring standard drinks, identifying levels of intoxication, preventing drunk driving, and adhering to alcohol regulations during the sale process. By enrolling in this course, you actively contribute to maintaining responsible practices in all alcohol service settings, promoting the well-being and safety of patrons.
  • With our RSA certificate Victoria, you play a crucial role in ensuring everyone can enjoy their time responsibly and safely arrive home. Join us in upholding responsible service practices and positively impacting the hospitality industry.

And now it's even easier with online training available! This convenient method is much more affordable than traditional face-to-face classes and will keep your skills sharp, so you remain legal when interacting with customers. Get started today for a hassle-free way of keeping up with all the requirements.

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How to get RSA

*Complete VCGLR's RSA Bridging Course - it's Free, Online, Short & Simple

Once you have a nationally accredited RSA qualification from an accredited RTO (like GTA) in another state, complete VCGLR's online RSA bridging course for free to be recognised in Victoria. Complete the course and get a Victorian RSA certificate to work in licensed venues in Victoria. To complete the RSA bridging course, see the RSA bridging course.


How to get RSA Victoria?

Can I do my RSA online in Victoria?

Can you do your Victorian RSA online?

How do I get an RSA in Victoria?

How do I get an RSA certificate in Victoria?

Can I do my RSA online in Victoria?

To obtain an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate for Victoria, follow the below steps:

  1. Create an account and log in to start a free trial of the RSA Victoria online course.
  2. To continue after the free trial, payment is required.
  3. Payment options include online wallets, credit/debit cards, Direct Deposit, or PayID.
  4. Once paid, you can continue the course.
  5. Access to the course is available 24/7. Pause and resume at any time. Progress is saved automatically on GTA servers.
  6. Complete the knowledge assessment online
  7. Complete online verbal assessment - Record your voice while dealing with different scenarios.
  8. Pass all assessments to receive your Statement of Attainment (PDF format). You can print the Statement of Attainment
  9. Complete VCGLR's Free RSA Bridging Online Course To be recognised to work in licensed venues in Victoria, you can complete VCGLR's free online RSA bridging course after obtaining a nationally accredited RSA qualification in another state from an accredited RTO (like GTA). Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Victorian RSA certificate.

To better understand the steps and time required, look at the course flow section.

How long is RSA valid for Victoria?

What RSA is valid in VIC?

Is VIC RSA nationally Recognised?

What RSAs are valid in Victoria?

In Victoria, the RSA certificate is valid for three (3) years from the issue date. After this time, you must complete a refresher course and obtain a new certificate to continue working in the hospitality industry. It's essential to keep your RSA certificate up to date to ensure that you meet legal requirements and can work in licensed premises.

How long can you work without an RSA in Victoria?

Can I start work without RSA in Victoria?

People who work in places that sell alcohol must complete an RSA training course approved by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. Staff who don't have an RSA certificate must complete the training within one month of starting to serve alcohol. It's also required for both the license owners and the staff to refresh their RSA training every three (3) years.

How quickly can you do an RSA online?

How long does it take to complete RSA online?

How long does it take to get an RSA course?

You can complete the RSA course in as little as three to six (3-6) hours, but you have up to three (3) months to finish the course. This course covers both training and assessment components. The time taken for the online RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) course may differ based on your familiarity, expertise, speed of learning, and overall comprehension.

Look at the course flow section to better understand the time required for each step in our RSA online course.

Galaxy Training Australia offers the RSA Course online, allowing students to learn at their own pace. This course is suitable for local and international students, with options catering to various needs.

If you're a busy professional looking to obtain your Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate without disrupting your work or family life, our RSA Online Course is the ideal solution. Our courses are flexible and accessible around the clock, enabling you to learn at your own pace. Additionally, we offer extended support hours to address any questions. Take action now and obtain your Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate today!

RSA Victoria Legislation

RSA Certificate in Victoria

In VIC, anyone with a nationally accredited RSA - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB021 or SITHFAB002) qualification obtained through face-to-face or online training from an RTO recognised in another state or territory will be able to complete the VCGLR’s free online RSA bridging course to have their qualification recognised in Victoria. Licence and staff have one (1) month from the date they first sell, offer for sale or serve liquor on a licensed premise to complete an approved RSA training course. Approved RSA online refresher course must be completed within three (3) years of completing their last RSA program (and every three years after that).