High Job Demand in the Gaming Industry QLD/WA

RSA Course and Certificate

Why and How Gaming & related jobs can be fun?

Gaming is one of the favourite activities in Australia. More than 3/4 of Australians indulge in some sort of gaming each year, from playing online slots to visiting land-based gambling establishments and betting online. Gaming is also one of those appealing factors that attract thousands of tourists to Australia’s big cities. Such fame makes gaming in Australia a very lucrative industry, with an average of 5 billion every year. 

Getting into a gaming career is one of the most positive career options in Australia, given the fact that most people engage in some kind of gaming activity on a regular basis. The demand for employment is definitely higher in this industry, thus making Gaming staff a high-demand job in Australia. This is the actual reason why the certification of RSG [Responsible Service of Gambling] is such a big responsibility for gaming career seekers. 

Australia has a well-developed gambling infrastructure with a lot of possibilities for growth. With an anticipated 6.2 billion dollars in yearly income to be gained by 2020, gambling is sure to flourish in Australia in the near future. Casinos create immense opportunities for the revival of the metropolitan region. Most casinos are established with the intention of attracting vacationers to the area. Thousands of tourists come to put money in each year and spend an average of 4900 dollars on a gambling trip. Many offices and business complexes are created by the gambling industry, and the shops, restaurants, and hotels that appear nearby the casinos create added opportunities and bring extra money to the city's funds. 


Each state in Australia has a different set of rules and policies pertaining to the gaming industry laws. Queensland and Western Australia aim to provide executive support to the Liquor and Gaming Commission in QLD and Gaming and Wagering Commission in WA, which is responsible for administering the Casino Control Act and the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act respectively. Based on these legal formats RSG is designed individually for on par with the state legislative amendments. The training and the license are designed with a keen focus on the do's and don’ts mentioned by the state laws. Based on these prime concepts, the gaming industry in Queensland and Western Australia has some of the most demanding jobs in Australia. 

Here is the list of such exciting gaming career options in Australia that can be a great game-changer in an enthusiastic employee’s life:

  • gaming nominee
  • gaming repairer
  • key monitoring employee
  • wagering key person
  • lottery key person
  • gambling counsellor
  • gaming attendant
  • gaming coordinator
  • gaming accountant
  • gaming supervisor 

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All the above employment engagements require a certification of a completed legitimate course in RSG from a government-approved licensed training organisation. Licensees are accountable for ensuring that all staff involved in gaming duties or tasks have the appropriate certification. Penalties apply for licensees who fail to comply. This is to make sure that the following set of duties by most of the gaming staff is executed smoothly without any possible hindrances:

  • make sure that games operating in the casino pit run smoothly
  • monitoring cash drops to cashiers and chip transactions
  • observing incidents and settling disputes arising at gaming tables
  • dealing games in accordance with casino rules, policies, and procedures and ensuring that bets are placed within the rules of the game
  • checking that appropriate betting limit signs are in place
  • checking playing cards
  • verifying cash and colour chip changes involving larger amounts with the casino gaming inspector
  • advising patrons about the rules and etiquette of games
  • counting the number of cash chips in the float and entering a closer slip with the corresponding amount in the cash total
  • calculating and paying winning bets
  • understanding the play pattern of the patrons and helping them to stay away from addiction problems 

As the above responsibilities include the exchange of huge money, having a clear observation with keen detailing requires an additional effort that comes automatically with proper and formal RSG training. Thus having a bright future includes good groundwork for aspiring gaming professionals. Queensland and Western Australia have come up with some great opportunities that ensure a brighter future for the gaming industry and a brighter career prospect for gaming job enthusiasts.