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The RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) or RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) is the authentication that allows you to work in gambling enterprises such as pubs or other gaming arenas. The RSG course specialises in training for assisting in a gambling problem as well as the use of the pokies which is the widely available gaming option in Australia. All states of Australia have different policies surrounding the Responsible Service of Gambling. States such as Queensland and NSW have very firm gambling-related laws. Thus, before completing the training it is better to understand whether it is compulsory in the state that you wish to work in. 

RSG must be provided wherever gambling activities exist. In the hospitality industry, the gambling environment is typically referred to as the gaming area and is offered in a variety of venues, such as hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, and casinos. It is compulsory for certain people involved in the liquor and gaming industries to gain the right qualification in the RSG/RCG within a restricted time after starting work. NSW and ACT are the two Australian states in which it is necessary to have your RSG certification in order to work in the gaming environment. For WA, RSG training must be completed within 28 days of starting employment, for  QLD, SA, and TAS this duration is three months and for VIC this duration is six months. 

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Galaxy Training Australia is one such establishment that epitomises the word genuine with its authentic legal ways of accreditation done through its courses which gives you a firm platform of better career options as a result of the legally rightful training and certification. Once the course has been completed, the Statement of Attainment seldom expires. With the RSG certificate which is earned through a reliable RSG online course like the GTA, your profile would be shining bright on top when searched by employers who would be exploring for skilled professionals. 

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Here are the five exciting jobs that you may get with a feather of RSG certification on your cap: 

1. Gaming/TAB Attendant

A Gaming attendant must be capable of handling Keno, gaming machine payouts, and TAB operation. Handling cash and operating EFTPOS machines, basic gaming machine knowledge, and ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, compliance, and cash handling procedures are some of the usual requirements of a gaming attendant. Being a team player, working with a calm head, and being a go-to person for the customers are the attributes that add value to the job which are acquired and are rarely taught. 

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2. Venue Manager

In-Depth knowledge of the rules and regulations that RSG advocates are the first and foremost characteristic of a venue manager that would bring them immense development in their career growth. A venue manager is expected to keep a tab on the day-to-day operations effortlessly, coordinate accurately with the staff and make sure that the day goes productively without any complications. Considering the better club operation techniques and trying to appreciate the clientele to the best of their limits to deliver supreme levels of customer satisfaction must be the final goal of a venue manager. 

3. Gaming Supervisor

A punctual gaming supervisor will be responsible for leading a team of gaming staff and attending service calls. He/she will also be empowered to make decisions, resolve customer complaints and act as a source of information ensuring that the customer's visit turns out to be a memorable one. The ability to work in a fast-paced environment, having an eye for detail and the ability to communicate with others in a friendly and welcoming manner are some important aspects that go into this job profile. 

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4. Promotions and Events Coordinator

The creative head behind the development, organisation, and implementation of gaming events and promotions that deliver against revenue growth targets and strategic consumer group priorities are some of the significant responsibilities of a promotional coordinator. With that, a coordinator also must be actively involved in creating an agenda that talks about the forthcoming events and work closely with the complete team with control and admiration by moving hand-in-hand. 

5. Gaming Venue Security

Great communication skills, a well-presented personality, a strong work ethic, dedication to providing a high level of customer service, and being able to work as part of a team are the perks for employers who hire an able venue security staff. Crowd-controlling skills, watching the venue like a hawk to avoid any unpleasant situations, and keeping a smooth sailing environment on the premises are the prime duties of a Gaming Venue Security. 

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