How can I submit my RSA verbal assessment responses?

Responses to verbal assessment can be submitted using any of the below methods -

A. Online recorder/uploader

You may choose to record/upload (from any device with internet access) your verbal assessment responses online by logging into your account.

B. Submit via email

You may send us your recorded responses via email to [email protected]. We will upload the responses to your account and submit them for the assessor to assess.

C. Submit by phone

Please read carefully to submit by phone voicemail –

  1. Prepare before calling - Please read all the scenarios and prepare your responses before calling.

  2. Call us - on the dedicated phone line to submit your response.

  3. When prompted, punch in - your Course ID ________ and press hash(#).

  4. When prompted, punch in - your four(4) digit Year of Birth and press hash(#). Please note that this must match the year of birth on your profile.

  5. Record voicemail(s) for scenario(s) - You will be prompted to record voicemail responses for all of the pending scenarios one by one.

  6. For each voicemail recording -

    - Start - Follow the instructions provided during the phone call to start recording

    - Stop - Press # - to stop recording before the maximum duration runs out.

    - Max duration - The maximum length of each voicemail can be 30 seconds

    - Don't hang up - You will be taken to the next pending scenario. The call automatically disconnects after you have completed recording for all the pending scenarios.

  7. After the call, verify if the upload was successful - Wait for 5 minutes. Login to the website and verify that your responses have been uploaded for review.

  8. If all are completed, wait for the trainer's review - If you have recorded all the pending scenarios and your responses have been uploaded successfully, please wait for the trainer's review. This usually takes a few hours, but may take a maximum of 1 working day.

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