Reminder on requirements surrounding excluded persons

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Licensees and their staff should be aware of the legislative requirements and obligations regarding excluded persons under gaming legislation.

A person may be excluded from the whole of a venue, or just a particular area of the venue where gambling services are provided, such as a gaming machine area. An exclusion may also prohibit a person from participating in keno or wagering at a venue.

Licensees and staff must take reasonable steps to identify excluded persons, and, depending on the exclusion, prevent them from entering the relevant gaming area or participating in that gaming activity at their venues.

It is important that appropriate mechanisms are in place when making gaming machine payouts to ensure the patron receiving the payment is not an excluded person. Similarly, it’s important such mechanisms are in place when opening cashless gaming or rewards accounts for a person and in maintaining these accounts.

A gaming machine payout must be refused to any person who has contravened the Act, which includes breaching an exclusion order or direction. If a gaming employee refuses to make a payment, the gaming employee must as soon as practicable submit a report to the commissioner.

Please review your strategies and practices to ensure they comply with the legislative requirements, and also make sure employees are aware of all policies about gambling-related exclusions.

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