Controlling Gambling Addiction Problem – For a Better Life

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Gambling addiction is one of the most dangerous types of Impulse-control disorders that might have long-lasting effects of damage to the individual. The worst part of this addiction is that it doesn’t just affect the person who is going through the addiction but also affects the ones who is surrounded by him/her. The psychological trauma, the repressive behaviour and the torture they undergo while trying to have control over their addiction is extremely painful to witness. Also known as Pathological Gambling, this addiction makes sure that you will have a tough time getting away from it. The preoccupation with indulging in more and more gambling is accompanied by stress and anxiety when a person is trying to get away from the same. 

Addiction to gambling is unlike other addictions like alcoholism. This addiction is often not visible to others as the urge is hidden, and gambling is done in a hidden environment to keep it away from the concerned eyes of family and friends. This makes lying a habitual behaviour coupled with many other irreversible damages to one’s life like insufficient funds to fulfill the necessities, quality time with the family, and a life with very less or no inhibitions. 

Gambling Addiction 

There is nothing impossible in this world. A life full of commitments is far better than a life flooded with debts. There IS a solution for everything only if YOU want it to happen. Here are some points to ponder on while you are wondering about how to come out of your gambling addiction:

  • Believe:

Accepting that this addiction is taxing on your happy life and believing in the fact that the de-addiction starts with you taking a stand for yourself is the ultimate leap in this program. The addiction takes a long time, but the de-addiction may take longer if you ignore to trust your inner strength. Make a choice, take a step, and stop taking a chance on your and your family’s happiness.

  • Recognise:

Try to understand the complexity and impact of your addiction. The more compulsive you are, the more would be the effort to come out of it. Try to channelise your energy and thoughts towards the kind of gambling addiction you are undergoing. This would make your de-addiction process easier by observing your progress in a better and clear way.

  • Control:

Controlling your gambling compulsion based on your winning rate must be curtailed. Gambling for the reason that you always win would be the first step toward addiction. The more you win, the more would be urge to gamble. Limit yourself by controlling the times of your bet, irrespective of whether you are winning or losing it. Applying a positive brake to your heart through your brain will make things effortlessly easier. 

addiction poker

  • Inspect:

Search for all those apparent triggers that would make you indulge in gambling. These triggers that compel you to gamble more and more could be easily recognised if you are on the verge of quitting your gambling addiction. The elements that force your fingers to itch, to spend over those poker chips could be recognised tactfully while you are under self-supervision. Catch hold of this thief who is trying to steal you from yourself.

  • Detox:

A detox route can help you come across all those great remedies that would help you stay away from this ‘green monster’ called Gambling. Digital detox wherein you unsubscribe from the mailing lists and all the possible connections of gambling sites, unfollowing the posts that support hacks of winning and even unfriend-ing your friends who remind you of gambling. Internet and gadgets have been the most significant contributor to compulsive gambling disorder in many individuals. Undergoing this refreshing detox would, for sure replenish your happy cells all over again. 

addiction gambling

  • Change:

A change of environment or a change of activity can help you improve the stress/trauma you undergo while in your de-addiction phase. Traveling, reading a book, going out for lunch or dinner with family, heading out for a spa or a trek… umpteen opportunities for you to forget your ‘bad’ old friend – Gambling. Gambling could have even started as a hobby. To forget the same try pampering yourself with a few other hobbies that can be as addictive as gambling like dancing, playing a sport, or writing a blog.

  • Pro Help:

The above-mentioned are some of the changes which could be incorporated under the self-help category. If the addiction persists further, in spite of your self-initiation, expert help that includes counseling and professional de-addiction camps would be beneficial in pulling you out of this dark dungeon of addiction. 

Staying away from a habit is truly a challenge in itself. Changing your life for good by staying out of some practices that can be potential joy disturbing elements should be considered seriously. Gambling addiction doesn’t just spoil the mind of an individual, but also will mar the tranquillity at home which is caused due to the lack of resources that were used to spend on something which started as a casual hobby that grew up into a serious demon costing the happiness of the family.