Top Bartending Tips and Tricks For Beginners

RSA Course and Certificate

Checklist to be a pro!

Being a bartender is, for sure, one of the most exciting jobs as it includes lots of smart skills and creativity at the same time. Being skillful is entirely away from being creative. But it is in the hand of a bartender to make both go hand-in-hand to keep the spirit up and running. Bartending basics is what any ‘Mixology’ student learns as a part of their bartending for beginners program. But what is it which is something beyond being a regular bartender? It is the art of being a “Pro”. A champion bartender is the master of several bartending tips and tricks that can take him a long way. Here is Galaxy Training Australia, gifting you some of the choicest bartending tips for beginners that can make your journey to becoming a bartending champion much easier. Bartending for beginners could be tough but GTA can make the toughest job seem as easy and crisp as its RSA training programs. 

Refusing Alcohol to an Intoxicated Patron

  •  Quick yet patient:

There would be several such occasions when a patron spills a drink or breaks a beautiful glass of cocktail by mistake. Staying cool and acting fast in cleaning up the mess is the one that could fetch you more laurels. Having said that, patiently watching a patron clean up the clutter on their own too is unacceptable. Treat them with utmost royalty and gently deny their help and clean it up quickly either by yourself or with the help of support staff. 

  • Clean and Tidy counter:

A bar could be a really busy place at times. Keep the bar counter clutter-free and dry. Wiping the spilled drink and serving the patrons clean and fresh glasses should always be considered. Areas around the ice bucket and near the patrons should be checked periodically to make sure that the areas are not wet or damp. 


  • Know your menu:

Fumbling or thinking for a longer time when a patron asks for details about a drink or reading it out from a menu could be a funny or an unpleasant experience for a patron who would always wish for professional guidance in exploring the list of the place’s specialty. Keen observation and proper preparation is the key to overcoming this hurdle. 

Courteous Bartender 

  • Courteous approach:

Either providing a bill or offering them one more drink out of their usual preference. Each move of yours must be done in a subtle and courteous manner as this is the basic etiquette for any bartender. Staying focused on the tone and language is the only trick to being a respectful and smart bartender. Keep it short, keep it polite and see the magic happen. 

  • The style, the swag:

From pouring the drink to mixing a cocktail and from flipping the menu to providing the right change; each move must be crisp and loaded with style. Bartending is beyond just serving drinks and exchanging money. This required skills of mixing the ingredients to form a sinful glass of cocktail and tactfully serving it with the right kind of garnishing and attractive presentation are the knack that is learned through practice and experience. 

                                   pro bartender 

In addition to the above tips, it is also important to make sure that a bartender maintains a healthy relationship with fellow bartenders and the other staff of the bar. Coming in each other’s way, implementing unethical ways to grab public attention, and failing to abide by the policies of the premises could prove fatal for their bartending career. Staying grounded and sticking with just quality work can fetch appreciation, effortlessly.