5 Jobs you can get with an RSA

RSA Course and Certificate

Careers filled with passion and responsibility

Getting an RSA certification opens up various opportunities in Australia. Applying for some of the hot jobs in the field of hospitality with a certification of Responsible Service of Alcohol would be an added advantage as the RSA certificate acts as a ticket for your job search. Without an RSA stamp over your resume would make you miss out on so many incredible opportunities with authentication over job satisfaction and knowledge enhancement. 

Galaxy Training Australia is Queensland’s talk of the town for their RSA and RSG certification courses. At GTA a trainee is trained in a convenient online format to gain an in-depth understanding of the various nuances of Responsible service of alcohol and gambling in a design that suits anyone and everyone. There are a few apparent career options that might not need RSA training, but GTA now throws light on some of the exciting employment prospects for those who get their RSA certification added to their conquer checklist. 

Here’s the list of the top 5 jobs you can get with an RSA certification attached to your accomplishments: 


bar staff

Bar staff are the people who serve drinks at the bars, pubs, restaurants and other places which have the license to serve alcohol. The job description of a Bar Staff includes being courteous with the customer/ patrons and server them the drinks with the right quantity of alcohol contents in them. Keeping the place tidy and appealing also come under their to-do list. A bar staff might undergo a bit of pressure at times like a busy weekend or while handling an intoxicated customer. Being kind-hearted and quick, having a clear knowledge about the drinks served with the proper ratio of alcohol that goes in, ability to work under pressure and being a qualitative contributor of a winning bar staff team are some of the prerequisites of a Bar Staff also includes a legit RSA certification.



bottle shop attendant

A successful Bottle shop attendant must be primarily somebody who is passionate about the intricacies of liquor and its brands. An able bottle shop attendant should be a courteous individual who understands the taste of the customer, makes satisfying suggestions, and completes the transaction with the utmost ease. Lazy body language, lame responses, and inability to grasp the preference of a patron would be a pseudo-attendant who has either less knowledge or is low on zeal. Having a strong backup of RSA skills, acquiring the right kind of taste for classy selections, completing the purchase process with satisfactory customer interaction, and having absolute awareness of the stock going in and out of the outlet comprises the core duties of any Bottle shop attendant. Having a good rapport with fellow staff and the management is also termed as one of the winning attributes of this profession. 



An individual who wishes to become the manager at a pub/bar which has the license to sell alcohol should decorate many descriptions in addition to having an RSA certification. A manager must be able to take care of the inventory, supply vendors, and keep track of some vital things like license renewal, budgeting, and hiring and training of the bar staff. Customer satisfaction with smooth sailing of business must be the ultimate goal for any manager. Setting quality and safety controls, planning and promoting any events, and making sure that the customers have a fun time within a safe and permitted limit are some of the most important points that come under their portfolio. 


RSA-certified security staff is expected to make sure that he/she has a keep observation to prevent any damage/violation or irregularities that may disturb the smooth functioning of the licensed premises like either a bar/pub or an alcohol-serving restaurant. Assuring that the customers and the staff abide by the rules and regulations of the bar, ensuring that there would be no legal instability, and monitoring the complete premises with the help of co-staff and surveillance cameras are some of the prime responsibilities of the security personnel. It is in the hands of such staff that the alcohol-serving premises function smoothly with no harm done to the property or the reputation. 


event staff

Want to be a part of some lavish wedding event or a crisp corporate event with aristocrats? Grab your opportunity of having an RSA certificate and plunge into this huge ocean of event management by becoming an event staff. The event staff is expected to have a pleasing personality with a fluent and courteous tongue. The well-qualified event staff is the one who cares for the guests in such a polite way that they would literally feel at home. An event could be for both the host and the guest. It is in the hands of event staff to ease any kind of stress concerning the F&B and manage the in and out of the catering services wholeheartedly and single-handedly. A keen eye for observation, good knowledge of the menu, and the perfect skillful technique of winning the heart of the hosts and the guest with spotless teamwork are the very crucial acquired characteristics of event staff.