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You must apply for a limited liquor licence if you will be having a one-off event, such as a party, function, or special event and:

  • selling alcohol
  • supplying alcohol
  • allowing BYO

You must apply for a limited licence if you are an existing licensee seeking a temporary extension to the trading rights under your current liquor licence for a special occasion.

A limited liquor licence allows you to sell or supply alcohol:

  • at private and public venues or events
  • where guests pay a cover charge or donation and alcohol is served, or guests bring their own alcohol
  • where guests contribute towards buying alcohol, such as social club fees
  • if samples are given or offered
  • if alcohol is provided at a business function where the organiser may obtain a financial benefit, such as functions with the intent of increasing or maintaining their client base for example:
    • networking events
    • VIP events
    • corporate events
  • if alcohol will be consumed at a regulated location or premises such as:
    • a restaurant, cafe, or shop
    • a bus, train, or boat - on tours
    • a designated dry area
    • an amusement parlour or amusement arcade
    • an area adjacent to regulated premises - for example the oval next to a licensed club room
    • a public place that is being used for an organised event where guests pay admission.