What to Wear and What Not to Wear to a Casino

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When you are going to a casino, you anticipate a gala time to be spent alone or with your friends who accompany you with the same zeal and enthusiasm. But what does the casino expect from its patrons? How does a casino guest look like? They say ‘face is the index of the mind’, yet there is also a notion that says ‘looks can be deceptive’. Nonetheless, being presentable is one of the important things which we learn from our good old school days. 

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Each casino follows different rules. Every casino has some strict rules which are particular about the patron’s casino dress code. The casino outfits mentioned by them must be followed mandatorily for the guests to get an entry of a guest. Else the doors are definitely closed.

How to distinguish between casual wear and casino wear? What are the best outfit ideas to rock your casino days? Here is GTA giving you the perfect information about ‘What to wear to a casino’: 

Casino Dress Code

Casino attires generally range from casual attire to an extremely formal dressing that includes elements like a tuxedo, tie and shiny formal shoes. This is completely subjective as each casino follows separate rules and regulations. It is generally advised to check with the casino management before you end up as a fashion disaster at the venue. 

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Though there are certain rules followed by certain casinos, there are some attires which would never ever go wrong and would make you an ‘OK to enter’ customer at any point of time. Here are some do’s and don’ts of casino wear:

For Men:

Wearing a well-fitted black tuxedo is always a safe bet which is then studded with shiny cuff links which clink in style. A wing collared shirt with satin striped trousers coupled with some luxury merchandise like branded black leather shoes and a delicately crafted white bow tie is like a perfect outfit for an enthralling casino outing. Wearing the right kind of attire also means a clean, stiff and not a shabby looking formal wear that will bring out your persona in a subtle and suave manner. Dress etiquettes are as important as a perfect presentation to gourmet cuisine. The semiformal trends are in vogue which has men wearing something between a conservative vest to relaxed loafers which is compensated with some blazers or even smart looking pastel shade polo shirts. 

For Women:

A delicately designed floor-length evening gown with long white long gloves is always a hit for the elegant damsels at the casino. The look can further be enhanced with sparkling jewellery and classy clutches that will add-on to the glitz and glamour of the femme fraternity. The latest trend also includes women wearing cocktail dresses with dazzling shoes and some semi-formal attires like a long skirt with multiple flares in it which is worn with a well-matched blouse or a top. 

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Things to remember

  • Dress casually when allowed but get dressed up comfortably to places with dress codes.
  • Avoid wearing T-shirts with text in it like some slogans or some offensive symbols or images printed on it at a relaxed casino. There should definitely be a discrepancy between a beach hangout and a casino visit.
  • Carry a classy bag to put in all your belongings that also matches your dress. If you are a man, wearing clothes with ample pockets to hold your phone, pen, wallet, spectacles and any other belongings would be a safer option to avoid theft and carelessness.
  • Avoid wearing sweaty, soiled clothes before going to try your luck near the slot machines. Go with stiff and shiny clothes which are pleasant to the eyes. Never leave an opportunity to wear a delicately scented perfume which attracts good people than repelling them.
  • Pack your back accordingly while travelling to a casino destination for a holiday. Lack of apt wardrobe shouldn’t keep you exempted from extracting complete fun of the place.

Getting ready to wager and trying your luck in front of those pretty pokies in a prettier and a pleasant way might fetch you more luck than those gloomy customers. Deck yourself up with a great track record of great look and equally great luck!