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Australia, the land filled with abundant natural resources and beautiful flora and fauna is the place that attracts millions of tourists each year from across the world. The beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the super-smart cities with sky-kissed buildings... are just a few of the reasons why the country tops the to-do list of any travel maniac. Australia does not just welcome travelers for its picturesque beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Australian casinos are equally welcoming as the country enjoys gambling as one of its prime sources of entertainment. 

Australian online casino is one of the world’s busiest and best online casino industries amusing the fans and making them bet online and win real money. Though online gambling is such a huge hit in Australia, the brick and mortar gambling joints are still the favourite among lovers of the Australian casino world. The pokies and the craps embrace people from all over the country and outside, leaving them surprised by the charm and pleasure of betting. Almost 3/4th of the Australian population indulges in gambling. This is the reason why gambling is among the most profitable industries that fetch great revenue for the country. A super solid amount of $5000 is spent each year by the tourists who visit Australia every year. 

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What is so special about Australian casinos? Did you know that the casinos in Australia are one of the top 100 must-be-visited spots in the world? What makes it so special? Which are those top places in Australia that have been successfully enthralling gambling enthusiasts across the globe? Here are the top picks by Galaxy Training Australia: 



3500 poker machines, 40 exclusive table games played royally over 400 tables and 50 poker tables which are spread across the 3 humongous blocks overlooking the Yarra river – this casino lives up to its name by being the undisputed king of the casino world of Australia. Fully functional by 1997, this lucky mascot of Melbourne has got an amazing foot-fall each year where people indulge in various kinds of betting which is spread over an area of around 510,000 sq. M. Flooded with sparkling restaurants, nightclubs and some of the world’s best luxury fashion brands – Melbourne’s crown Casino must definitely be on your list while you make your Australian visit itinerary. 


The stunningly looking pyramid-style architecture, innumerable live shows, and countless moments of awe! Life at Crown Perth can never be a dull one. 240 table games, over 2000 electronic games, 12 massive table pokers, exclusive Baccarat zones, and top of crème VIP gaming rooms – all in one palatial place called Crown Casino of Perth. With some elite restaurants and enchanting entertainment each day, Crown casino of Perth gives an electrifying experience every minute for their patrons. 


Sydney’s pride and the casino lover’s heaven, The Star is a lovely casino destination that renders a thrilling experience of joyful gambling with its amazing infrastructure and many other sparkling details of amazement. With the gourmet kitchen offering some of the most exotic dishes served by the top chefs of the world and having the pleasure of gaming in one of the most celebrated casinos of the will definitely be worth it once we visit The Star. The special poker room, bedazzling baccarat, and scintillating luxury casino rooms meet all the requirements of any gambling lover. 


Formerly known as the Jupiters Hotel and Casino, this place is an architectural beauty that has seen many renovations and changes in the past and still stands tall for its wonderful legacy and its everlasting charm. State-of-the-art poker facilities, luxury gaming rooms, and wonderful VIP gaming areas which call all the gambling aficionados to pamper themselves over these lovely amenities is the proof of its grandeur. Entertainment which includes a massive DJ floor and ever-flourishing celeb performances makes this place an unforgettable landmark of pleasure and peace together. 


What would you call a place which has over 1300 poker machines and innumerable gaming rooms offering a huge deal of wagering opportunities? Indeed...A Treasure! Treasury casino of Brisbane is an iconic landmark that has been getting happy customer testimonials for its sweet service and sweeter casino rooms that calls all kinds of wagering fanatics to levitate over the superficial ambience that makes us go haywire with emotions. Winning or not winning, losing money or losing our mind over the wonderful experience of this ecstatically excellent place... this place is beyond explanation and definitely exceeds any expectations.