7 Ways to Keep Your Customers Safe at Bar

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Customer‘s safety...the foremost important duty

A bar is such a place for which we plan to visit in expectation to have some lovely chilled drinks, and amazing appetizers and enjoy life in a slo-mo washing away any worries down the drains. The bars also cater to such situations where the patrons capture their share of the best moments hanging out in the bar with some friends and dear ones sipping into their favourites or the venue specialities. During such times, when everything is expected to function in a smooth and subtle manner, there would definitely be certain situations which may arise to harm the tranquillity of the place. An unforeseen circumstance so unpleasant it may leave many questions unanswered and pops many panic balloons. 

Villainous attacks like sexual assault and sexual harassment over customers should be taken as seriously as the actions taken towards workplace harassment over the employees at the business enterprise. Hideous criminal offences like sexual harassment in the workplace are now a huge topic of discussion wherein the government employment policies play a crucial role during the hiring process of any new hires of a company, be it corporate or the hospitality industry. Any bar, small or big – safety measures that ensure a trouble-free workplace and a stress-free experience for the customers is considered an ideal place to hang out without any inhibitions and concerns. 

Tips for bartenders while working in a bar 

Galaxy Training Australia now talks about the different and important ways that initiate the safety of all your lovely patrons who visit your bar and contribute to its success. Here are the 7 best practices to follow and ensure the utmost security at your bar: 


It is a proven fact that where there is light, there will be less room for any unseen shenanigans from some unheard people. Make the place not too bright but well-lit to actually see and monitor any ridiculous mischief happening at any tiny corner of the bar. Being attentive is a task. Therefore a decently-lit place with space to move around comfortably without bumping into the furniture is a better way to decorate the place. 


Train your staff to locate any belongings of the patrons which were leftover or under the table. Also, keep track of those things which unknowingly fell down. These possessions are priceless till they reach their owners no matter even it’s a piece of paper or a tiny comb. Make a note of such things as it upholds the credibility of the bar when the customer returns claiming his/her ‘precious’ property. 


Make certain rules and regulations which are unique to your bar, which have to be followed by both the customers and the staff to ensure the safe and sound functioning of your bar. Rules like a restricted number of drinks being served to a single patron will keep the customers’ intoxication in place and also keep the staff away from getting into trouble while handling a difficult customer. 

How to deal with a drunk patron 


Make sure that the employees have a clear knowledge about how many servings of drinks have been served to a single patron. Indications of intoxication have to be monitored regularly for each and every customer. When the customer defies to adhere to your request, that is when the bar security staff or the bouncers will have to play their part leading to further complications. 


Installation of security devices like CCTV cameras and security alarm systems at all places of accessibility is a mandatory aspect to be followed by any business premises. This eases out the trouble and all the painstaking processes of theft and crime-tracking scenarios. 


There would be times when you have noticed one specific person or a group of people entering your joint on a regular basis, and they just do not come alone. They also get into trouble as their favourite companion and spread panic across the joint. Keep a keen eye on such suspicious individuals who are experts in drink spiking, stealing or other such illegal activities. 

Steps You Can Take to Avoid  Drink Spiking 


There might be a customer or two sometimes who would actually come to you and request you to book a cab for them after identifying their own helplessness post the happy time spent at your place. Never brush them away saying ‘it doesn’t come under your duty bracket’. Carefully lead them to the security staff and appreciate their effort to keep the place and maintain its peace and agility.

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