8 steps You Can Take to Avoid Drink Spiking

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Drink Spiking is one of the most notorious pranks which could be done to someone that includes abusive usage of alcohol or other mind-altering drugs. It is called ‘Spiking a drink’ when somebody includes an alcoholic drink or a drug into the drink of someone else without their knowledge or permission. Clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants are the usual locations for a drink spike scene. Spike drinking is sometimes considered as something more than a practical joke which might then be a bit more serious and dangerous. 

Why is drink Spiking done?

Drink spiking is usually done to fool someone by a friend who is trying to play a nasty prank. This is done as a part of a lighter moment while having a gala time with friends during occasions like house parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, etc. The motive behind this may be purely fun-based and has no evil intentions other than getting their friend to go ‘High on Spirits’. 

There can be other not-so-pleasant situations where the drink spiking would be done by the potential culprits to lower the defence mechanism of a victim to an unavoidable low so that that makes way for the Drink spiking pessimists to take advantage of the situation to perform some illegal acts like physical assault, robbery or even sexual assault like rape. This is one of the reasons why Drink Spiking is considered a serious crime in some countries as they have reported 1/3rd of the victims undergoing this with the intention of sexual assault. 

How is Drink Spiking done?

A regular non-alcoholic drink can be ‘Spiked’ using the below-mentioned ways:

  1. Mixing concentrated alcohol inside non-alcoholic beverages like mocktails, Iced-tea, soft drinks, or fruit smoothies.
  2. Increasing the amount of alcohol in the existing alcohol-containing drink. For example Double shots of Vodka in a standard cocktail or multiple pegs of Whiskey over ice – all these are done without the knowledge of the person who would be consuming it.
  3. Including some prescription drugs which are illegal. Amphetamines like Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) [better known as “Liquid Fantasy”], Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) and Tranquillisers like Benzodiazepines, including Valium and Rohypnol. 

How to avoid Drink-Spiking?

Here are 8 pro methods of saving yourself from being a prey of a probable Drink-Spiking:

  1.   Eyes on me baby!

Always keep an eye on your drink. Seldom keep it away from you or next to a stranger. Stay confident and cautious. 

  1.   Do I know you?!

Never, ever and ever accept drinks offered by a stranger. Not all are bad and not all are good either. Taking a chance is like giving an opportunity for them to spike your drink up. Be polite in rejecting their offer to buy you a drink. 

  1.   A bottle over a glass

Always insist on buying an unopened can or a sealed bottle over a drink in the glass in case of suspicious situations like a new bar or some random New Year party. The sealed ones ensure that there would be no such unpleasant scenes that can follow later. 

  1.   Put your hands up, mate!

Keep your drink right in front of your eyes, literally. In a pub where a good crowd is expected, handling your drink can be a task. This will give way to the predators to hunt for their targets when they swiftly slip in a pill or a portion of ‘magic liquid’ inside your drink. Keeping your hand with the drink up which is accessible for your vision is a smarter way to disappoint such cheaters. 

  1.   Friend or a foe?

A friend is someone who would think twice to hurt your feelings. Trust is something that is acquired and not gained instantaneously. When at a party with a bunch of people, always accept drinks from those whom you can trust completely. A self-acclaimed friend could be a beast in a friend’s disguise. Staying safe should be your final decision of saying ‘No’ to such offers. 

  1.   Sharing is not always caring

You could be called a kill-joy individual; you could be called an uncouth person. Yet, say no to those who would offer to share their drink with you. The reason might not always be that the person offering the drink could be harmful, but the contents in the drink might cause you intoxication. 


  1.   Sense and sensibilities

Do you smell something nasty? Trouble understanding why your drink tastes different? Wondering why are you feeling something indifferent in your head? This is the time to put your glass down and stop drinking it any further. Report it to the bartender or the staff if you start feeling dizzy or discomfort. 

  1.   Unleash the detective in you!

Is your drink is missing the straw? Looks like you’ve got a refill eh?! Somebody has surprisingly filled up your glass with some more juice to drink! These are the usual scene when someone is using such nasty tricks as their bait. Wait and observe your drink, keep track of the gulped portion and never leave your drink unattended. Keep calm and be generous in emptying the drink into the drain in case of any suspicious thoughts. Having fun in a secure way should be your ultimate tagline while partying.