10 tips for bartenders while working in bar

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The bartending industry is one of the top-notch hot industries in the Australian employment market. Staying up late, managing everything with a smile, multi-tasking without complaining and serving some of the best drinks in town is by itself a big challenge apart from the vast knowledge of cocktail making and drink mixing. A bartender might get very less time to even unwind or cool their heels once in a while during the busy hours of a hectic evening at a bar. But it is their passion that drives them to thrive more and keep their spirits high as their relationship with the bar is not complicated but extremely committed. 

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There is no perfect recipe which says ‘How to be a bartender’ or ‘Bartending 101’. It is a pure science which comes as a result of fine chemistry that blends in with the biological drive to achieve big and the physics that pushes the individuals to gain the momentum to reach high in this spectacular profession they chose for themselves. Bartending for beginners is thus a roller coaster experience which makes them experience various emotions mixed together to give them a package that lasts a lifetime – The Unmatched Professional Experience. 


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Galaxy Training Australia gives you more and more insights into bartending tips time and again with its professional training and comfort-read articles that will equip the amateurs with the lion’s share of knowledge in their skill banks. Staying happy over the toes for a long time to staying updated with the trends that are in vogue for a long time... bartender tricks are something that never loses the sheen when rubbed over a new bartender who is working to gain the shine as the best bartender of the most prominent bar of the city. 

Here are some of the best bar tricks that can work wonders when followed regularly. A piece of advice and guidance on par – here are the top 10 tips for bartenders while working in a bar: 

1. Create an atmosphere: Give the patrons a scintillating and refreshing experience which would long them visit the bar again and again. Rework the bar setup, and make the bar the best place to unwind and rejuvenate by keeping it clean, well-organised and attractive with proper stacking and well-managed storage. 


2. Connect with the customers: Make a connection with the customers instead of just serving them what they want. It is equally important not to go overboard by building an unpleasant closeness with any of the patrons. Know your limits and understand the limitations. 

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3. Become a multi-tasker: Get more and more skills up your sleeves to take charge of many things at a bar to curtail any blunders which might come on the way of the smooth sailing cruise – the lovely bar. Attending the customers, managing the billing counter, managing the store and the stacking process, keeping the counters clean and making sure there are no clutters near the bar stools etc. The list goes pretty long but is always short of people to accomplish master plans. 

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4. Be passionate about alcohol: This is like drawing a thin line between passion and addiction. Being passionate about the liquor, its chemistry and the knack involved with its mixing must come as an innate attribute but not as a compulsion. This is an acquired taste and could be only enhanced with follow-ups with the latest trends in the recipes and techniques. 

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5. Professionalism is the key: Being professional by eradicating favouritism while at work is very hard but a fundamental rule while working at the bar. Giving your friends free gulps when they are visiting the bar, giving an unconditional discount and serving extras to your favourite customers is purely unethical. 


6. Presentation is crucial: Wearing skimpy clothes, showing off your chiselled body or toned muscles, and tight clothing with an inappropriate revelation of the body is a strict no. Remember that people come to your bar for the drinks you serve, but be very little under the impression that people come to your bar to see your ‘Greek God’ looks. It is even very unprofessional to attract customers with such mediocre tricks. 

7. Be gentle and kind: When the customers are confused with their orders or when they are trying to cancel their drink to order something new, be patient and try to understand their preference instead of losing your cool. Be a good listener and improve your memorising skills to learn what each patron likes and what inclinations suggest. 

8. Get busy: As a bartender, it can be pretty demanding during the busy parts of the week. Staying up late or standing for a long time without any breaks can be really taxing. Similarly, there can also be times when you have very less or next to nothing to be managed. Make the time more productive by changing the ambience, adding new elements to the bar, preparing a new drink recipe or upgrading the menu with some freshly made inventions of yours. Get busy mate! 

9. Clear knowledge of drinks: Shaking the cocktail mixer and juggling the drink bottles talks about your skill. But adding the right ingredients with their perfect proportions marks the presence of your knowledge of bartending. Brush those vital skills up on a regular basis; keep that thinking cap on always for the regular outcome of masterpieces. 

10. Be full of life: Learn to bartend, understand the ideas, know the trends and just buckle up! Go with the flow, never be slow. Take charge to do something to recharge some dull souls out there. Always stay cheerful, composed, and so full of energy that the patrons would want to start afresh with both you and the drink you serve.

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