5 best and worst alcoholic drinks for weight loss

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Being fit and staying healthy is the best trend which the world is now getting into. Weight loss is not a cosmetic need anymore. It is changing the way of life for everyone who practises the vegan and vegetarian diet linked with some strict workout regime like Pilates, Yoga, HIIT cardio and refreshing sessions of multiple forms of sports. Staying fit not just keeps us active and calm simultaneously but also increases our longevity in a strong and well-groomed manner. 

Alcohol and weight loss are not usually mentioned together quite often. Alcoholic drinks are consumed as part of the cheat day for the fitness fanatics who opt for the low-calorie alcoholic drinks which would have the lowest calorie liquor, coupled with some fresh natural ingredients in them. The calories in liquor are the biggest enemy for any gym-hitter who sees the omnipresent weighing scale staring at him/her each time they pop anything into their mouth. 

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Here’s is Galaxy training Australia giving you the safer and the not-so-safe options which help you get back to shape or retain your finely chiselled body which just requires love and care from workouts and veggies. Here at the 5 best and the worst alcoholic drinks for weight loss: 

Best Drinks 

1. Tequila with fresh lime: Calories - 175

A dash of lime can enhance any drink and take it to a completely new level with sour as its prime flavour profile. Having tequila can give you a tough time tomorrow and a rough tummy which may want you to take time off from your 10k run in the morning. But a freshly squeezed lime can bring those potential ghostly threats from the alcohol. This low-cal drink definitely tops the list of a slender girl party menu. 

2. Low Sodium Bloody Mary: Calories – 160

This classic cocktail recipe is given a special twist by using some top-secret ingredients that won’t build a layer of cellulite under your skin. Low Sodium means a low risk of heart disease and the vegetable pulp that teams us with the vodka or tequila in this drink creates unmatched magic that can be gulped without being guilty. 

3. Plain Mojito: Calories – 85

A regular Mojito contains the sweet sugary syrup that gives that sweet tinge to this sweet drink. But if you wish to go the super slim way, you can score a great high by curtailing the calories by 75% and adding more to your oomph by excluding the sugar in it. Using light rum in place of the boring usual can make you the fitness diva of your circle. 

4. Gin and low tonic: Calories – 120

The glowing glass of Gin and Tonic can actually help you retain those toned muscles of yours. How? Here’s the hack! Try replacing the tonic with sparkling water and lo! You’ve got yourself a rewarding drink to indulge in on a Saturday night without sacrificing your fitness goals. 

5. Skinny Margarita: Calories – 145

The low-carb alcohol tequila will be the foundation to build this wonderful low-cal drink that can keep a check on any flabby bulges, which is not your style. The blast of Vitamin C from the freshly squeezed lime and orange juice can boost your metabolism and help you burn away all those calories you might have put in with the appetisers. Clearly, a great choice! 

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Worst Drinks 

1. Long Island Iced Tea: Calories – 300

With a whopping amount of sugar with a blend of multiple kinds of alcohol varieties in it, Long Island Iced Tea, fondly called LIT with all its swag, is definitely gonna take a long time in the gym. Sugar and soda which is mixed with gin, rum, vodka and triple sec are one of the most alcoholic and the high in calorie drinks in the world. Letting this go would be the choice of a smart and fit citizen. 

2. Pina Colada: Calories - 350

Sugar there, sugar here, sugar everywhere. This is the anthem of Pina Colada which contains a bare minimum amount of natural fruity flavour but more of the beach crowd-pleasing artificial sweetener that makes this drink so relished and loved. 

3. White Russian: Calories - 590

What happens when saturated fat, sugar and coffee liquor come together in high quantities and blend into a glass which is then topped with equally high-calorie thick crème? Sounds lovely, isn’t it? But listen to your muscles that are getting threat calls from the calories. They struggled hard to break those thick sticky barriers of fat and flaunt their existence. A glass of White Russian may steal their pride. Beware! 

4. Sangria: Calories – 300

Pleasure for anybody’s eyes, Sangria is a bright and colourful drink that is flooded with fresh fruits that looks super healthy. But Sangria contains high quantities of sugar which is a smooth intruder that comes into the drink without the drinker’s knowledge and sweeps one off its feet with its sweet and sour flavour. Fireworks on your tongue...fire alarms for your thigh. 

5. Daiquiri: Calories – 450

When we host a party for our fit and fabulous friends, we make sure that the sugar is used judiciously. But such won’t be the case in the bar where the drink must take any ingredient to make it taste great and better than the best. Daiquiris served in almost all parts of the world contains high amounts of sugar which is then mixed with its classic ingredients by the bartender and served to the customers who sip it to reach silky smooth heaven through their palate. Daiquiri has rum and lime with an equal or more amount of sugar syrup added to it that enhances the sweet profile of the drink and gives that long-lasting happy taste of the cocktail. 

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