Where can I get a USI number?

How do you get a USI number?

A USI is a lifelong education number that you need only to create once, and it should take less than 5 minutes.

Already have a USI?

If you've previously completed (since 2015) any VET training, you may already have a USI. Find it now.

Else, the following questions apply:

How do I apply for a USI number?

How do I create a USI number?

How do I register for a USI number?

To create your USI,

  1. Go to the USI Registry System
  2. Select Create USI.
Once you have your USI, keep it somewhere safe – it’s your lifelong education number. 

As a student, the integrity of this vital identification number must be maintained at all times. Therefore, don't share your USI with anyone else unless required in a valid scenario. Your education or training provider will need to collect and verify your USI.

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