How and who gets impacted by excessive drinking?

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The effects of alcohol abuse inside and outside your body

A night after a binge-drinking episode where the person indulged him/herself in a grand portion of vodka and generous servings of tequila; there would be a birth of an entirely new person who is a different individual in the same body. Intoxication makes anyone go haywire with their behaviour leading to some mishaps wherein the damages are sometimes irreparable. Excessive drinking of alcohol is a pathway for many unpleasant situations like drunk and drive deaths, violent attacks, and many other crimes which rarely also include murder and rape.

Drinking and driving - a deadly crime 

The impact of excessive drinking depends on one person to another as each individual possesses a different body. But in either case, the result of intoxication is equally disastrous, which is better to be prevented for obvious reasons. Study shows that even a single episode of binge drinking can have severe effects on all parts of your body, not just your brain. Long-term damage from heavy alcohol use is not limited to people with alcohol use disorder. Frequent binge drinkers can also develop health problems. 


What causes a hangover 


Alcohol abuse can have a severely harmful impact on people’s lives. Even people who drink too much only on certain occasions would feel how alcohol affects their minds and bodies. People who drink on a regular basis or become obsessed with alcohol frequently experience far more life-altering effects over a period of time. Relationships, careers, and other major parts of their lives are seen falling apart because of how alcohol has affected their mood, behaviour, and choices. Alcoholism is an unpleasant malady that affects many people, not just the one who is addicted. Family, friends, and the entire community feel the pain of the impact. 

How to control alcohol-related Violence 

Excessive alcohol also affects your actions, which can increase your risk of injuries and death from motor vehicle accidents, drowning, suffocation, and other accidents. Excessive drinking has a number of other effects on health like fatty liver, inflammation of the lungs, dehydration, faulty kidneys, damaged pancreas, and a weak heart. People yet tend to indulge in alcohol abuse in spite of understanding all the alcohol facts. 

Refusing alcohol service to an intoxicated patron 

Depending on your BAC [Blood Alcohol Content], you will go through a range of side effects that vary from slight complications to more severe ones. For instance, lower degrees of BAC come with temporary side effects that drop within a few hours. However, as BAC percentages increase, the symptoms become more serious and can be critical. 

Top 10 Health Risk due to Alcohol 


The negative impact of alcohol abuse can be categorized under 3 major elements which are the individuals themselves, their families, and the society in which they live. Alcohol does not differentiate based on gender, sex, or age. It can impact anyone’s life with prospective broken relationships, irreparable body injuries, and also loss of hope for the future. Irrespective of your age, background, faith, occupation, or lifestyle, alcohol can brutally impact every nook and crook of your life. All the more, alcoholism is a disease that affects many people, not just the one who is addicted. Families, friends, and entire communities feel the impact.  Family members, including children who are exposed to a first-degree relative’s alcohol abuse, are at risk for problems. Children of parents with alcohol addiction, show higher rates of alcoholism than children who do not have parents with alcohol addiction. It is essential for adults to behave responsibly so as to keep in mind that alcohol and alcohol problems affect the health, safety, and well-being of people. 

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Drink Spiking 

Thus alcoholic drinks have a significant role to play in our physical and societal well-being. Any pleasure must be experienced with a limited level of indulgence. It might be being an Alcoholic or staying a workaholic. Any action or practice that goes beyond the fixed range of nature will result in complications that will finally be taxing for our own life. Excess work can kill you with stress. Likewise, excessive drinking to kill stress can kill your body, leaving your family and friends in a bigger lane of stress. 

Choose wisely and drink responsibly!