How to not drink at a party

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The art of saying NO to yourself and your friends at a party!

When you go out with your friends to have a gala time on a sweet night of Saturday, avoiding alcohol can turn out to be a difficult task. It is also tough for your drinking friends to understand why is their friend, who is a party junkie is trying to curtail the party potions which elevate the mood. A regular party of food and mocktails is an easy bet, but for an alcohol party where cocktails and beer are the showstoppers, maintaining a safe distance from the liquor is a challenging game to tackle. 

Avoiding alcohol could be for various reasons. A person recuperating from a health condition, or allergies or those individuals who are keeping their alcoholism by bay to have control over their alcohol obsession are the ones who would try to keep a check on the indulgence. 

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It is also difficult to say a straight ‘NO’ to our dear friends who just want us to have a ball and melt our worries away with a glass of goodness. Galaxy Training Australia thus gives you some of the most productive ideas to avoid saying yes and more opportunities to deny alcoholic drinks at a bash. Here is a list of tips on how not to drink at a party: 

1. Give very less importance to people being judgemental about you. Always stay focused on your motive and never think about what others think. Stay cool about your decision and be calm about others' opinions. 

2. Get your own drinks to the party you go to. It might be something healthy or colourful. This is one of the best ways to stay out of liquor-menacing or pestering friends. 

3. Go the foodie way by indulging in pleasing your hunger pangs than trying to soothe your palate with just drinks and not some sumptuous food. Try to give yourself a colourful yet guilt-free option in food to clear any ambiguity in having a hail and healthy party. This can be proven as an ingenious idea when thinking as to what to do instead of drinking. 

4. Make way for a good amount of socializing and a productive conversation with some good old buddy of yours to deviate from the drink distraction. Getting into a healthy tête-à-tête about something much more interesting than the most interesting part of the party adds a spark to your ‘I am not drinking' state of mind. 


5. Look out for alternatives like refreshing juice or a yummy mocktail. This way you won’t miss out on the opportunity of enjoying ‘A drink’ at the party. There is a huge list of fresh and lip-smacking mocktails that has very less or literally no alcohol at all, yet gives the same smack feeling of enjoying a good cocktail and having a sense of relief with not missing out on something amazing in life. 

6. Joining a party a little later to make sure that you shall have lesser time for cocktails. This tip might be a disappointing one, but this might be one of the best tips when the host boasted a great bar and cocktails at the venue. Staying away means being away. There’s no harm in trying out all the best possible methods that might work for the alcoholic in you to stay out of the party.

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