Australia’s best winter Beers and Whiskey

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Made in Australia for winters across the world

Winter is that time of the year again when kangaroos snuggle with each other and the koalas tuck in cosily with their cute mates. Australian winters as we all are aware come during a different time than compared to many other countries around the globe. The Straya’s warmer Christmas is the most unique thing the world has ever seen. Not just this, Australia is also known for its unique taste in beer and whiskey. Some of the strongest beers in Australia are said to have besotted many beer enthusiasts and the Australian whiskey has a whimsical effect on many liquor connoisseurs across the world. 

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Galaxy Training Australia – The ground-breaking pioneers in the field of quality and genuine training of the RSA and the RSG training in Queensland, Australia, brings to you some of Aussie’s best-known winter beers and whiskey that have made the world’s heads turn towards the country to warm their nippy, snappy, freezing days of winter. Some of the best beers in Australia and the best whiskies have not just got a distinct identity inside the country, but also have been the benchmark beverages which stand high in the standards of quality thresholds. Here is your list for a perfect partner to heat up those Christmas vibes: 


Young Henry’s Real Ale

With 4% ABV and lower carbonation, this bitter sweetheart of beer lovers is a sheer pride of its genre. This is a style of beer which gets both Britain and Australia into one single place with its unique blend. This is brewed with a strictly followed traditional recipe which understands the taste of the Australian beer enthusiasts and makes them rush toward their nearest Bottle-O every time to grab their favourite can to relax and replenish their happy mood. 

4 Pines Stout

A lovely Irish stout which has the coffee, caramel and chocolate to further enhance its impeccable tinge of bitterness to give its fans a mouthful of heaven – That is 4 Pines Stout for you! With an ABV of 5.1% to match its strong and flawless flavour, this bottle of beer is Australia’s one of the most preferred frothies that is a must at most parties and events. 

Balter Alt Brown

This brown Ale is a beauty with its unique tinge of Smokey chocolate is a stunning piece of art stored in a can. This ‘Cold One’ comes with an ABV of 5.2%, this is one of the most loved beers in Australia of which Queensland is extremely proud. Nutty, roasty and toasty – this is a perfect combination where malt gets highlighted with its clean and subtle appearance. 

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Starward Wine Cask Single Malt Whisky

A great party without the best malt whiskey for an Australian in no less than a ‘Devo’. Choosing the right kind of drink, having a fine balance in the blend and enjoying every sip ‘On the rocks’ – this definitely sounds like a great Chrissie party for an Aussie. A proud product of the Victoria’s New World Whisky Distillery, Starward whiskies have been loved by many for their original approach to contemporary whisky manufacturing, shunning the traditions that are followed at so many other distillers and producing time and again interesting whisky. The products are all made from Australian barley, aged in Australian barrels, and finished in Australian red wine casks, which lends itself to a unique, tannic quality. 

Lark 9 yo Bourbon Cask Whisky

The mesmerising aromas of rose and freshly cut grass weave with lemon, orange and grapefruit, followed by a delicate introduction of nutmeg, liquorice, oak and wood smoke – The flavour is nothing but the trademark of the ‘True Blue’ citizens. This exotic whiskey is a very complex liquid, layered with many flavours, which are all tied together with a delicate sweetness and a beautiful texture. It is worth buy for any bourbon lover though falls under the category of pricey drink options. 

Overeem Port Cask Matured Single-Malt Whisky

The Turkish delight, crème brulee, plum pudding rum-soaked raisins, and a hint of cider, caramel and butterscotch form a perfectly made blend to form a masterpiece called Overeem Port Cask Matured Single-Malt Whisky. This is a big Australian whiskey, with a rich palate and mouthfeel and a spicy finish. Perfect for a nightcap, possibly with a cigar, Overeem isn’t the kind of distillery to experimentally lose your way too far from the staples that gave them their stronghold as one of the country’s best whiskey.