Alcohol checklist for a party

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A tailor-made checklist for your custom-made party

Taking charge as a party planner is like getting ready to wage a war against your own thoughts and presumptions. More the suggestions, the higher grow the dilemma. Roses or lilies and oysters or chicken wings… the confusion is never-ending. Including the alcohol is like getting back into the vicious circle of confusion all over again where we kill time in predicting what to buy and how much alcohol to buy. 

Planning a party checklist might get tricky at times. For instance, if we are having a party of around 40 people, 20 guests might have one preference when compared to the other 20 who may or may not share a similar choice of liquor. There can be wine sippers, beer bingers, or whiskey lovers. But yet you might have very less idea about who will take how much and what. 

How to estimate how much alcohol you need for a party 

Considering the fact that the majority of the planning happens with the kind of guest you are inviting, guessing their drink preference with their familiarity is one silver lining. The fact that out of 40 guests, not all 40 would be partying over wine is an obvious point by itself. A combination of 20 wines, 10 bourbon, and 10 beers might be a good way to distribute the liquor count. 

This is with respect to the usual tradition followed in the parties wherein the guests are served one and a half serving in the initial hour followed by a serving every 2 hours. This method is generally followed as a norm to break the puzzle concerned with the count of the party liquors to be stacked prior to the guests’ arrival. 


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Therefore while throwing a party, it is a fundamental duty to order the almost perfect amount of alcohol, coz running out of alcohol is like a party filled with very less life. Here are the points you can consider while making an alcohol checklist for your big bash:

  • Chart a budget: 

Make up your mind initially over the amount you would be spending over drinks. Make sure you keep enough money allotted for the decor [if needed] and the food which is as important as party liquors. An approximate estimation of 2/3rd of the budget must be spent on food and music after which alcohol can get its share to fit into the party.

  • Number of people:

Be sure about the almost-perfect size of the crowd you would be welcoming to your party. RSVP comes in as a saviour at such times.

  • Jot down the approximate quantities: 

Make a tentative list of what the particular guest you have invited might drink. Doing this for every guest is definitely time-consuming, but hard work never goes to waste eh?

  • Alcohol Checklist: 

Based on your prolonged research and understanding, make a good list of the number of bottles required to serve the guests their preferred drinks respectively. 


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Here’s a surprise from Galaxy Training Australia. With the types of liquor, GTA goes a step further to also give a heads up on some important things which might get missed in a hurry to set other things up: 

List of liquors:

  • Beer
  • Rum
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Tequila

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Alcohol party checklist:

  • Lime/lemons
  • Ample ice
  • Straws
  • Trash can
  • Paper towels
  • Liquor storing container
  • Extra glasses
  • Fruit crushes

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The above was your ready-to-use party planning checklist. It is equally important to cater to the needs of non-alcoholic guests. GTA suggests making a fancier food menu clubbed with some smoothies and mocktails that can serve the purpose with some non-drinker delegates. Making a party successful is not just about knowing how much to serve, but also what to serve and how and how much to be served. 

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