How to estimate how much alcohol you need for a party

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What to buy and how much?

Planning or hosting a party comes in with a lot of responsibility. The list of the guests to be invited, the menu to be decided based on the guests who are arriving, and the setup of the party venue which is based on the theme of the party; are so many things on the checklist. No matter how much ever you spend on the ambience of the party, the candles and the carnations always play a secondary role in making a party popular and a hit. It is the food and the drinks that stand out to make the party more memorable. 

Presenting yourself as the best host requires ample planning. Having enough supply of food and drinks not just shows your generosity but also demonstrates your planning capability, which makes you a hero of the party scene. The biggest challenge hence is to understand the potions and the quantity of the food and drinks which are neither too much nor too less where there would be next to nothing to offer for the guests who did not turn up early. 

How much is too much? How much less is very less? This is always a very tough situation that we encounter. Estimating the amount of food, to some extent, can be an easy task to come out clean. But the estimate as to how much alcohol supply you need for a party always leaves a question mark. Can there be any method that works as an alcohol calculator? What are the best hacks to know how much alcohol would be enough for a party? 


Galaxy Training Australia reveals some hints that unveil the possible ideas which can end your party supply dilemmas. Here are the best practices to be implemented while planning on how much alcohol gets stacked in the bar. 

How to know about how much to buy? 

There are quite a few aspects to be considered when you are calculating the amount of alcohol you would require for a party. Here are some of them to be answered:

  • For how long will the party go on and how many guests are estimated to attend?
  • Logistics involved in moving the alcohol.
  • Are any of your guests over-drinkers?
  • Are you planning on a vast spread of liquors? If there is a scene of a huge variety, how do you plan to make the serving? Beer, mixed drinks, or wine?
  • What is the party being organized for? A cocktail party where drinks are the hero or a formal dinner where it is about the food and the wine is the drink of the day? 

How to know about what to buy? 

With so many things to be deciphered, deciding how much alcohol to be purchased can be a skill than a strategy. Here are a few humble rules that may come in handy while picking up those clinking beauties clasped in glass:

  • If you are planning for a cocktail party where wine and at times multiple servings of champagne are being served, go for a count of one bottle for every two guests wherein the drinks are served once in 2 hours.
  • Make a rough estimation of a single drink for every average drinker. The party can still be up and running if you increase the whole count by around 25%. This is to keep the luck angels dancing in your favour till the party ends.
  • The amount of alcohol getting served also depends on the weather. On a hot day in summer, when yummy salty appetisers are on the plate, drinkers tend to gulp more glasses of cocktails. Preparing your menu much earlier than your bottle-shop visit can prove beneficial.


Whether it is the alcohol for a wedding party or just an alcohol party post a wedding, a house party, or a birthday bash… abundant alcohol supply should be there to never let you down as a bad host. Staying alert with the stock and restocking with the help of some quick and reliable fixes like mocktails and smoothies are some hacks for damage control. 

The choice of food is equally important to know which food goes well with the particular kind of alcohol you are planning to serve. A wise choice through the wise suggestions of your wise friends or a good amount of time spent on good research can help you pass through some tougher situations like these.