10 most popular wines in Australia

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Wines that can win your hearts...

Australia has some of the best wines which are on par with the most preferred wines in the world. Branding just one wine as the “Best wine” would be like being unfair with so many wines that have created a great name for their taste, colour and flavour. With varied styles like Old world, traditional and new-world wines, Australia gives its wine lovers a taste of yesterday, today and tomorrow which caters to the taste of each and every generation. 

Australia is home to some beautiful scintillating vineyards where cool-weather grapes like Pinot Noir and Riesling are grown with some warm-climate varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. These exciting varieties of grapes give us some of the very tasty, lip-smacking wines that are a treat for both our eyes and the palate. The Australian wines get categorised are as the subtle old-world ones which are the result of the traditional winemaking processes and then there are sparkling sweet wines which are fondly known as “Stickies” which are the fortified ones. 

Australia has a whopping number of more than 60 wine regions which are known to produce some of the world’s most popular wines. Divided into seven regions, these wine regions of the country are the proud landmarks which have given the world wine connoisseurs their preferred brands of class wines. 


Galaxy Training Australia now gives you a glimpse of the Top 10 wines of Australia which is so authentic to the country that it has put the country on the global wine-lover map at a very high ranking position. Australian wines are considered one of the best wines in the world and the list coming up will explain to you why: 

1. The Artisan Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon

A burst of complex aromas of mint, tobacco, tomato bush, toasty oak and dark fruits this wine is all set to do sorcery to your senses. The excellent combination of ripe dark fruits stays there for a long over your taste. Aged for 10+ years, this brick red wine with a dash of purple stands proudly with dark fruits and chocolate also included in it. This wine is smooth with a fair balance of acid and fine tannins that give a well-concluded drinking experience. 

2. Twisted Sticks Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Twisted Sticks Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is a dominant emotion that arises from the overpowering red hue of Selena Estate Wines. The deep ruby colour with the cameo of blackberries and cassis gets in mesmerising aromas. Leaving a rich mark over the palate, this is a wine with black and purple fruit notes containing fine tannins to end with. 

3. KARASEK Limited Edition

Made from the finest Petit Verdot grapes, this wine has intricately infused berry fruit flavours. A  limited-edition wine, this wine can be enjoyed today or even could be shelved for up to 20 years to magnify its worth. 

4. Overland the Edge Shiraz Petit Verdot

A unique blend of Shiraz and Petit Verdot grapes, this wine showcases the rich aromas of dark berry fruit with a delicate blend of spice and vanilla. The parallel flavours from the nose get even more persistent over the palate, with a tinge of intricacy from various oak treatments during the fermentation period duration, which results in a soft and long-lasting conclusion. 

5. KARASEK X Series Sangiovese

This is a medium-bodied wine which includes royal flavours of wild cherry, summer berries and mixed spices. This graceful wine has the traditional Sangiovese simple and spicy characters with crumbly soft tannins. 


6. KARASEK M Series Cabernet Sauvignon

This wonderful wine exhibits the aromas of cherry and cassis with delicately balanced oak. The palate signifies accurate varietal characteristics with the presence of elegant soft tannins and brilliant flavours. 

7. Nillahcootie Estate 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

Totally refreshing and extremely tasty, this wine has a deep plum colour with a purple shade. It possesses fragrances coming from black fruits, cinnamon and dried figs. The unsophisticated flavours in the wine are equalised with a little sugariness from the berries and a tinge of liquorice. 

8. Margaret River Cabernet Merlot

The critically acclaimed superstar that comes from the famous maritime climate of Margaret River, this has blackberry and plum notes and a fine salty and spicy finish. 

9. Gilbert by Simon Gilbert Chardonnay

The stunning yellow shiny appearance, this lovely wine is made from specially selected fruits, chosen and hand-sorted during the harvest. The nose and taste display wholesome and graceful flavours of stone fruit and melon which are elegant and exotic. 

10. Merlot Winemakers Selection

On an award-winning spree, this wine with garnet red colours makes it more appealing. It proudly parades blueberry and blackcurrant aromas, concealed tones of fondly preferred forest fruits. The palate has a pleasant and smooth texture with hints of juicy plums, blueberries and bits of cranberry.