The creativity and chemistry of creating cocktail menus

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Logic behind the magic...

There is a very limited crowd who are not such big fans of a well-made cocktail. A good cocktail is something that can attract anyone who is a party fanatic. A must at any party – a cocktail is not just about mixing some ingredients with alcohol and serving in a fancy glass. There is a lot of science and artistry hidden inside each glass of cocktail. The cocktail menus are crafted carefully based on the classic recipes and the special uniqueness that mark the speciality of the bar joint. The cocktail recipes are designed to suit all categories of individuals also with changes based on personal preferences. 

Any drink menu template typically contains classic cocktails which have globally accepted ingredients. But it is in the hands of the mixologists and the management of the licensed premises to come up with some creative cocktails that add value like showstoppers. This includes giving the drink a completely new look, a distinct flavour and also creative cocktail names to go with the trend. 


So what is it that brings the best out of a cocktail? Is there any logic behind every mix? How can science and sensibility romance with each other? Can creativity be applied to chemistry while creating a celebrated glass of charming cocktail? Let us get a sneak peek into the mixologists’ theory about this whole idea of designing a cocktail menu that includes spirits with the science behind them. 

creativity and chemistry 


Any cocktail is designed based on the kind of alcohol which would be used inside the drink. The other ingredients which go with the respective spirit are then decided to put both logic of science and the magic of creativity. A well-balanced cocktail only included those fresh and approved ingredients that will not have any negative effect on the body when consumed. It is not common sense to understand that nature has so many wonderful substances that can actually turn dangerous when consumed in faulty combinations. So the art of Mixology which has cocktails mixing as its prime subject – gives attention to the right kind of mix with the right varieties of ingredients to be used. 


Any dish or drink must first be appealing to the eyes only after which a person will have the urge to consume it which will then give way to the release of many emotions and expressions. The first look must definitely be the best. Garnishing and presentation is a vital chapter in any book about a perfect dining experience. Science says that the visual stimulus activates the olfactory and the gustatory senses that create a sense of nirvana that is extremely satisfying. Coming up with creative ways of presentation using scientifically approved ingredients that gel well with the drink is the key factor of a signature cocktail. Using the whipper to beautify the drink includes Nitrogen and recognizing the hydrophobic and the hydrophilic sections of the fizz in the drink shows the presence of chemistry proudly posing next to the creativity of the mixologist. 



The love for mixing a drink shouldn’t compromise with the kind of ingredients which is used in the drink. Mostly using natural ingredients and relying on less synthetic flavouring is the winning attribute of any cocktail expert. Fruit pulps, vegetable juices and natural flavourings like tea and herbal concoctions can enhance the health factor in every drink with every sip. 

While debating over the matter of alcohol consumption which leads to a chemical imbalance in the body – putting in those substances that will actually create a subtle balance to avoid any complications is the main intention behind the application of science with creativity while designing a cocktail. Hence fun must go through the acid test of science to party responsibly. Creativity and chemistry must always remain good mates to create magical moments at memorable parties.