Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training (RSAT)

RSA Course and Certificate

For employees in NSW delivering same-day alcohol

RSAT stands for “Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training”

What are the requirements to work in the liquor industry in NSW?

In NSW, to work in the liquor and gaming industry, you must go through training. The state has a tiered industry training framework, which means that depending on your job, you may need more or less training. Everyone should take fundamental courses first; more senior or specialized jobs, on the other hand, demand further education.

  • RSA - The fundamental requirement to sell, serve or supply alcohol in NSW is the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course.
  • RSAT - The Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training (RSAT) and the L&GNSW RSAT assessment certify you to provide same-day alcohol deliveries to the general public in NSW. From December 1, 2021, to deliver alcohol the same day in NSW, you must have a Liquor & Gaming NSW-issued Certificate of RSAT completion. 

What is RSAT certificate?

RSAT certificate is compulsory for any person who makes same-day alcohol delivery to the population in NSW.

In NSW, those delivering alcohol on the same day must complete a Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training (RSAT) and take an online knowledge test from Liquor & Gaming NSW.

Alcohol will be consumed largely at home, especially if it is delivered on the same day. You may reduce alcohol-related harm, violence, and health implications by managing your supplies responsibly. You'll also decrease the chance of someone buying alcohol for a minor. You'll also be assisting in the growth of positive social interactions in the community and enhancing your employer's reputation and long-term success.

You're required by law to follow the regulations on alcohol sales and supply, which means you can't sell or deliver booze to anyone under the age of 18 (a minor) or anybody who is intoxicated. 

RSAT Related Glossary

  • Same-day delivery provider OR service provider - It implies a person who has engaged you for making same-day alcohol deliveries.
  • Delivery agent - Deliveries for alcoholic beverages made by same-day delivery providers are carried out by couriers and drivers who work for those businesses.
  • Delivery person - Same-day alcohol delivery service, delivery agent, or individual in NSW who provides same-day alcohol delivery.
  • Delivery recipient - A customer who is at least 18 years old and purchases the alcohol, or an adult designated to accept delivery at a location specified by the provider.  

How to get RSAT certificate? Can Registered Training Organisation issue the certificate?

You must pass the following components, in order to obtain the RSAT competency:

  1. RSAT Training ($10 or Free*) - RSAT with L&GNSW or with any same-day delivery provider or Registered Training Organisation offering the training
  2. RSAT Assessment ($15) - The RSAT Online Assessment can only be completed with L&GNSW for $15. 

Upon passing this online knowledge assessment, the RSAT Certificate of Completion will be sent automatically to your registered email address. 

So, at Galaxy Training Australia, we recommend completing the RSAT with either:

- Training with your same-day delivery provider or delivery agent (such as your employer) for free and later complete the RSAT Online Assessment with L&GNSW for $15; or

- Training and assessment both with L&GNSW for a small fee of $25 (includes $15 online assessment fee) 

Therefore, we do not offer an RSAT course as you would still need to pay $15 to complete the RSAT online assessment with L&GNSW.

The cheapest method to obtain RSAT Certificate

Minimum cost: $15 | Maximum cost: $25

RSAT NSW Course  

Why is RSAT important to the NSW liquor industry?

This training helps address the risks of minors or intoxicated people due to online sales and same-day delivery of alcohol. 

Around Australia, the development and expansion of online alcohol sales and same-day delivery were aided by technological progress and increased consumer demand for fast and convenient online delivery services. RSAT aims to reduce the danger of minors or intoxicated individuals ordering alcohol over the internet on the same day. 

Who are alcohol same-day delivery providers? What does the RSAT apply to?

In NSW, there is a variety of alcohol delivery providers who all offer same-day service. These include:

- Licensed takeaway liquor providers that provide phone or online sales and deliveries

- Food delivery services that provide alcohol in addition to, or as part of, other food orders

- Individuals offering same-day alcohol delivery, and,

- Any other alcohol-selling businesses

According to the law, all employees involved in the supply of alcohol by same-day delivery in NSW must follow the legal obligations covered in the RSAT Course Handbook

Is it legal to deliver alcohol in NSW? 

Yes, it is legal to deliver alcohol in NSW, provided you comply with the liquor laws. 

Who benefits from RSAT?

A responsible supply of alcohol benefits everyone involved.

Same-day delivery providers and delivery persons benefit from - a good reputation in the area and fewer complaints, reduced adherence and legal costs, less business disruption from incidents of damage, lower driver and courier turnover, reduced external vendor or contractor turnover, and more likely to acquire drivers and couriers with greater skills and experience, a more sustainable and profitable company model, lower regulatory expenses.

Delivery persons benefit by - having the knowledge and abilities to responsibly supply clients, a safer and more pleasurable working environment, improved rapport with customers who are aware of delivery limitations, aware of alcohol-free regions, and so on.

Local community benefits by - The neighbourhood is less inclined to bring complaints.

Customers benefit from - improved rapport with same-day delivery providers and delivery people, enhanced comprehension of delivery limitations, and ability to enter into a self-exclusion agreement.

Government agencies benefit by - The cost of regulatory compliance may be reduced by using fewer measures, including non-compliance actions. 

Can you get RSA Online in NSW?

Yes. Start your RSA NSW Online training with Galaxy Training Australia today.

We have trained over 180,000 students. Our defining qualities include our robust support system and easy & interactive learning experience for our learners.

RSAT training course (Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training) differs from RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and is mandatory in NSW for all same-day alcohol delivery providers, agents, and persons making same-day deliveries.  

Exceptions where RSAT doesn't apply?

RSAT does not apply to businesses that are involved in same-day delivery of:

- packaged alcohol to other licensed businesses, whether the alcohol is sold by wholesale or retail

- less than 1.5 litres of packaged alcohol in a food hamper with other items, such as a picnic basket or a gift hamper – for example, Australia Day food & wine hamper, gift hamper, or picnic basket. 

Be aware of fake online RSA training providers