The Zen Bartender - Keeping it Cool during Happy Hour

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Being Cool is the hot new trend!

Working behind bars can get as stressful as staying behind bars. The frustration of some annoying customers, managing the crowd during busy days, and making sure that the right kind of order reaches the right patron at the right time. There is no looking back once the bartender reaches the stage where all these are handled in a smooth and a pro way. This art of handling stress in a proficient manner with a personal touch of finesse is called ‘Zen Bartending’. 

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The zen shifts of a bar are something where the bartender is supposed to practice a peaceful and calm state of mind with is equivalent to that of a saintly temper. Not less, not more- but a constant flow of energy toward the work to be done with very less strain and stress over the mind. Happy hour is one such time of the bar where people either visit the bar to party under many circumstances like drinking alone or partying during happy hours to avoid the evening crowd and the most obvious one is making the most of the happy times that the bar offers. 

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The time when the bar serves unlimited drinks, free or discounted appetisers, and many other exciting offers as a marketing angle is known as “Happy Hour”  in the bartending terminology. This is the time when most people make a fortune out of this by drinking to their hearts full and making the best use of it either alone or with their best bunch of mates. This time sometimes gets crucial for the bartenders as the happy hours sometimes may see a scanty crowd, but there would be a time when the dense population during this time can be the cause for them to see happy hour as the saddest part of their day. 

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Dealing with the stress, handling the orders in the right way, and completing the whole task with a smile is no easy task. Here are some of the tips on how to stay as the Zen Bartender during the happy hours and make the best use of your inner peace to churn out something resourceful and fruitful: 


Yoga and meditation are age-old Indian practices that are now widely accepted all across the world to get rid of unhealthy elements of the body and welcome those cool positive vibes and aura that can keep us alive and kicking for a longer time of our biological existence. The process of meditation keeps the worries far from us as far as we practice it and make it a part of our daily routine. It is definitely advisable for every bartender in the world to practice meditation and yogic breathing techniques to lam victory over the pessimistic thoughts and traits that come in between us and our success. 

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Always try to have a considerably strict regime that can give a meaningful structure to your professional outlook. Clean eating with occasional cheat days, physical exercise for a minimum duration of 40 minutes, trying to get good sleep out of your busy bartending days, and hydrating yourself with water and other healthy beverages to keep your body and soul well connected with the relentless flow of the liquids and positivity back and forth for a trouble-free schedule. 


Questions like how old you have to be to be a bartender or what are the qualifications to be one are totally unnecessary when it comes to passion. Only a passionate, art-loving, skillful person can dare to take up bartending. Bartending requires anyone to enjoy their day – each day, every day... without which the whole purpose of studying to be one gets nullified. Staying positive during tough times and being humble and hopeful during the best times is the universal key to success which greatly applies even to bartenders. 


A happy customer is one who gets treated happily by a happy bartender. A grumpy bartender would be slammed with a bad review for the entire bar joint. This further has to go under the scrutiny of reputation management and later the suggestion for an anger management course for the bartender which forever remains a black marking over the career graph. Cut the crap, take a deep breath and smile away all those busy day worries, and thrive together as a team to come out successful as both the best bartender and the best bar in town. 

A few other practices which can bring down the angry bird in you are like listening to soothing music just before the happy hour starts, having a happy conversation with a good friend or your family who always wish you the best, and believing in yourself that each day is your day and today is one more of such days which is for sure going to be the best day ever!