10 Tips to become an efficient nightclub & bar’s security staff

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Safe and secure tips for the security champs!

The nightclub security guards who are otherwise called the “Bouncers” have a very special place in the party premises. The security guard is one of the most important components in any bar who are primarily hired for their appealingly strong physical appearance. This is one of the important requirements to be a bouncer or bar staff. This is to give an instantaneous first impression of a customer about the strength they can exhibit if there would be any need to showcase their physical stamina.  

But today, just being physically intimidating to others is not the only quality that can qualify anyone to be a security staff at nightclubs or bars. RSA [Responsible Service of Alcohol] – the bible of the F&B industry has many more theories attached to it which opines that both the physical and mental fitness of an individual who is well aware of the rules and regulations of the RSA legal elements is the hero who comes to rescue later as a bouncer. 


Following certain amended principles of RSA is an utmost necessary thing which is why each aspiring heavily built individual must go through the acid test of qualifying as an RSA-certified professional under the able guidance of a genuine online RSA training organization like Galaxy Training Australia

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GTA will now present you with 10 amazing tips to become a champion bar security staff who would be the most important contributor to the bar’s safety and helps in smooth functioning day after day. 


Being fit is different from being bulky. A bouncer is definitely expected to have a wide stature, but this doesn’t always mean that being heavily built means not being able to gather oneself when pushed down or beaten by someone suddenly. An able staff is one who not necessarily has a huge mass below his clothes, but it is the one who is also well equipped with the self-defence techniques and the required skills to handle or manage the intoxicated or injured patrons at times with ease and with good care. 



Being a bouncer not always means that a person is expected to have a straight ‘poker’ face with a serious expression as to yell out to people that ‘I am a baddie’ merely through expressions. Sometimes keeping cool and having a pleasant smile can also work great for the bartender him/herself as well as the bar which people will remember as a cool attitude security guy. A subtle sense of humour can solve serious situations with surprising ease. 


RSA certainly has all the answers to the questions like these when it is difficult to decide whether to throw the customer out of the bare who doesn’t have an ID or think of other alternatives to retain the patron in a sensible manner. Decision-making comes naturally for good security personnel who has undergone some really good training by some really good trainers like GTA. 

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Bloody red eyes, serious face and hand-folded always that shouts out – “Ready for the battle”. Come on! Let’s go easy. Cleaner clothes, positive expressions, welcoming gestures, and a ‘happy to help you’ smile always on the face…these are some of the best practices of today than the usual yesteryear ones.



Perfect security staff is expected to have 1000 eyes and ears that can sense danger from any distance. Being focused on the job by always staying alive and alert are the key skills that can gain them a good experience. 

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A bouncer being kind and helpful to the patrons and being too rude exhibiting sarcasm and a very dry attitude to the staff and the management of the bar will aid in the downfall of the career graph. Maintaining an equally pleasant relationship with positive interactions with everyone at the bar makes one’s life easier to survive under stressful workplace conditions. 


Being abusive with repulsive body language and showing all symptoms of being an impatient staff will make you an incompetent bouncer. When thinking of uttering any cuss word, think 100 times as you know, the words cannot be taken back. 

Refusing alcohol service to an intoxicated patron 


A bouncer is not always expected to not have any fixed notion about certain people based on their appearance and dress. A wealthy-looking customer may not always behave in a sane manner. Similarly, a hippie-like guest might not always overdrink and get intoxicated which may create a ruckus in the environment. Stay calm and welcome everyone, but stay alert and sense the threat from anyone.security3


Stay clear with the rules and regulations as per the workplace and the legal points of the RSA rulebook. The necessity of formal training in RSA is thus an integral part of decorating any place in licensed premises that sells liquor to age-appropriate customers.  

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It is not always advisable to follow in the footsteps of some legends. There might be some really cool bar staff, celebrity bouncers or very popular security staff of some really famous bar joints. They might have followed some tried and tested methods of handling the crowd and dealing with the problematic people and situations. Think fresh; come up with new ideas as change is the only thing that is constant. Being innovative in public interaction and problem-solving is definitely a welcome change.