What is RSAT?

Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training (RSAT)

RSAT training course differs from RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and is mandatory in NSW for all same-day alcohol delivery providers, agents and persons making same-day deliveries.

This training helps address the risks of minors or intoxicated people due to online sales and same-day delivery of alcohol.

According to the law, all employees involved in the supply of alcohol by same-day delivery in NSW must follow the legal obligations covered in the RSAT Course Handbook.

At Galaxy Training Australia, we recommend completing the RSAT training course and assessment with either -

  • - Your same-day delivery provider or delivery agent (such as your employer) for free and later complete the RSAT Online Assessment with L&GNSW for $15; or
  • - L&GNSW for a small fee of $25 (includes $15 online assessment fee)

Note: The RSAT Online Assessment can only be completed with L&GNSW for $15. Therefore, we do not offer an RSAT course as you would still need to pay $15 to complete the RSAT online assessment with L&GNSW.

Upon passing this online knowledge assessment, the RSAT Certificate of Completion will be sent automatically to your registered email address.

Do you wish to get an RSA instead?

Start your RSA NSW Online training with Galaxy Training Australia today. We have trained over 175,000 students. Our defining qualities include our robust support system and easy & interactive learning experience for our learners.

Be aware of fake online RSA training providers | GTA (galaxytraining.com.au)

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