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What causes a hangover?

Symptoms, causes and remedies

A feeling, an experience so pleasant – A state of Nirvana which makes us discuss the values of life and our spiritual existence. This is what we actually call the state of “High Spirits”. When a person has consumed alcohol, the mind would get altered and compels us to act differently. An unrefined behaviour which sees lesser filters from the brain to the vocal cords. To put it in a simple way – “We get high”. This state of mind is achieved by indulging oneself in devouring the alcoholic drinks that modify our body language and leaves us with an unpleasant company later called a “Hangover”.


A hangover is an unpleasant physiological and psychological effect which is followed by the consumption of wine, beer and distilled spirits that are high on the alcohol content. Hangovers can last from a few to several hours in a day. Alcohol being the obvious culprit for this cannot be blamed totally while experiencing a hangover. There are few other factors that lead to a Hangover.

Let us first see the apparent symptoms which occur during a Hangover:

  • Hypersensitivity towards light and sound
  • Being dizzy
  • Lack of focus
  • Mood swings and irritation
  • Palpitation
  • Exhaustion
  • Being extensively thirsty
  • Headache and body pain
  • Nausea and/or stomach pain
  • Insomnia


Trouble, as the notion goes never comes alone. It comes with its baggage of many complications. One such trouble which the “Party Animals” face is a Hangover. Hangovers can be curable with minimal care and with some OTC drugs which include the above usual symptoms. But one has to visit a doctor if these obvious symptoms are coupled with conditions like seizures, difficulty in breathing, regular vomiting with little or no consciousness etc.


How can a Hangover be treated?


The cause for a hangover is Alcohol which is no rocket science to understand. But what makes alcohol so “Hangover Friendly”? Alcoholic beverages contain a substance called congeners, which are the prime contributors to hangovers. Congeners like Methanol, Tannin and Acetaldehyde are found in some of the most common drinks like Brandy and Bourbon as compared to some of the light-coloured drinks like Gin and Vodka. Congeners are the commonly found substance which determines the taste and aroma of the non-distilled alcoholic beverages.

Drinkers BFF Congener has given them a lot of hallucinations and consolation during the days of distress. But when the same gives them a Hangover, things turn bad. Here are some of the ways to cure a hangover and get back up and running:


  •   Hydrating: One of the most common reasons for a hangover is Dehydration. This process can be reversed by drinking plenty of fluids to restore the water loss for your liver and brain which will rejuvenate itself by giving a great sense of relief.
  •   Vitamins and Electrolyte-rich food: Sodium-rich liquids like ORSL can help to balance your electrolyte levels. This would be a great defence mechanism to treat symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. Consuming fruits and veggies can give your body the necessary support to heal the lazy and tired cells.
  •   Ample rest and sleep can ease out the degree of fatigue caused by a hangover.
  •   OTC Meds: Over-the-counter medicines to subside body aches and acidity can be taken, followed by a soulful food and boastful sleep.


There are no such remedies though to stop a Hangover. The only foolproof one is to not drink at all! Hangovers can prove fatal if the consumption of alcohol is not done within the responsible limits and without understanding the body mechanism that helps us to pose with a poised body language. Drinks coupled with a balanced meal, saying no to tobacco/marijuana, staying hydrated and retreating for a beauty sleep can curtail a big amount of damage called hangovers.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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