Jobs for Backpackers in Australia

RSA Course and Certificate

“A traveller’s feet seldom rests”

Travelling is one of the best proven, soul-elevating activities on this planet. Exploring the nook and corner of this globe is like reliving each day as a saint reborn. They say that the only best means of knowledge acquirement after reading a good book is being an avid traveller. Living life like a hippie might keep you unplugged from your family circuit, but it actually unplugs your life from stress and unclogs your perspective of contentment and happiness through wonderful experiences and innumerable cultural diversities. 

Australia is one such place that is a dream destination for all travellers. The beauty of flora and fauna, the wildlife, and the sparkling coastline beckons travellers to visit the country in huge numbers every year. Australia is also a fine country to seek employment opportunities that extend a warm welcome to experienced and deserving individuals. 


Are you a travel enthusiast who would like to visit Australia and explore it in the best possible way? Is budget a constraint for you to discover Australia in the fashion you chose? Did you say you would be visiting the country on a Working Holiday Visa? Backpacker jobs could be the solution which may be the answer to all such doubts. 

Going to Australia on a working holiday visa and getting a “Backpacker Job” will be the most incredible experience of your life. Working and travelling give you the chance to save some extra money so that you can see more of this amazing country while having fun, making new friends, and getting to see actual Australia. Some jobs for backpackers will even let you stay further for a long time in Australia, even for a whole year! 

You might have to worry less about finding a suitable job for you in Australia. Lots of bar jobs in Australia do exist and they are comparatively easy to get into. As long as you have a passion for achieving and the killer instinct for making good money to aid your dream, getting a backpacker job would be an easy bet.  

While many backpacker jobs are easy to get, some jobs will require having previous experience, while others may require short courses to get a job. Usually, an online course can be completed with some effort put into it. It requires having an RSA for a backpacker to serve in the F&B field like being a bar staff or also a waiter job for working holiday visa holders at a restaurant serving alcohol. 

Let us check out some of the best job opportunities available in Australia for passionate “Backpackers”: 


This work involves actively working in farms and crop fields. The opportunities include works like tractor and header driving, header refuelling, spraying the crops, tree pruning, and cooking meals for the labourers depending on the experience you have in the respective nature of work. Australia grows crops like wheat, cotton and vegetable, and fruits, and its prime agricultural portfolio and lending a hand to the farmers can fetch you a decent income. 

Fruit picking and packing:

An exciting job that is very popular among backpackers is fruit picking and packaging the same. The popularity is due to the amount of experience required to do this is bare-minimum of moderate physical fitness. A job that promises you decent money, meeting new people, and working under less pressure would definitely be a worthy employment opportunity. 


Pearling can be a really tough job, it is a kind of job for those people who don’t mind getting their outfits soiled and wet in the coastal arena. The best thing about this job is that you will get the opportunity to see an incredible and matchless array of Australian marine life. 


There are tourism companies across Australia that aim at backpackers and they often look for backpackers to work for them. Sometimes these jobs offer commissions, as well as hourly wages.

The best thing about tourism jobs is that you get to go on tours and travel for free as part of the work engagement or as an incentive. 


There are few jobs in the hospitality industry, which require no or very less experience like kitchen hand, dishwashing, waiting tables, etc. The places of work include cafes, restaurants, holiday resorts, and cruises.

On the other hand, if there are backpackers who seek job opportunities like bar staff, bartender, or bouncer of a pub joint, an RSA certification is a mandatory requirement irrespective of any kind of experience. Understanding the lawfully right practices of working in licensed alcohol-selling premises is a necessity across Australia. 


Therefore a backpacker who chooses to explore the country on their expenditure must keep a few things in mind which are in sync with the legal rules and regulations of the country and the state legislation. Failing to which, it may cost the cancellation of their visa and leading to further complications that are better to be prevented. 

A few other employment opportunities include working in a call center, volunteering, live-in nanny or Au-pair, working for events, temporary staff in administration or construction, etc.