Top 5 arenas in Australia for successful bartending

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Bartending jobs are one of the hottest trending jobs in Australia. The perk this job gets in is something that cannot be expected with the usual 9 to 5 jobs. You get to travel the world, meet new and interesting people, you get to enjoy the party scenes as a part of your job, and a huge share of learning and understand new cultures and trends of the world which are like their textbooks for innovations. 

Things You need to know before choosing a Bartending Career 

A bartender's salary will always depend on the kind of quality work the bartenders do. The experience gained totally relies upon the expertise a bartender exhibits as a part of their routine. The locations they work at, the people they meet, and the confidence they gain being behind the bar are something that they cherish for a lifetime. Many aspire to become a bartender, but it is only a few turns out to become successful and idolising bartenders who pioneer in their field with their supreme creativity and subtle publicity that is managed smartly at the places they work in. 


There are various places where a bartender can gain umpteen experience based on the kind of customers they are serving. Every bar setup depends on the place where the drinks are being served. For instance, a wedding event cannot have the same kind of drinks and a similar bartender like that as a nightclub. Though alcohol is the only equal factor, the theories of mixology differ from place to place. Therefore, it is likewise important to understand that each place has its own importance and every premise will possess an individual distinction. It is in the hand of the bartenders to prove their own finesse based on the venue they serve at. 

Here’s a list of the top 5 arenas in Australia which proves to be a perfect platform for successful bartending: 

1. BAR

A cozy atmosphere to unwind and relax with a friend or two...a bar is a right place to enjoy the leftover piece of peace from a busy day. A bar is a good place for the right kind of start for any bartender. The bar offers various kinds of positions like bar staff, bar supervisor, bar manager, etc. The bartender job is also one of the most vital job roles offered at any bar. A bartender of the bar is expected to exhibit all kinds of fair etiquette and attributes like in any and many other places of alcohol sale. 


Tips for bartenders while working in a bar 

2. PUB

Sumptuous food, soothing ambience, lovely decor, and an energising in-house bar that caters to the requirement of every customer who visits the pub. A Pub gives a chance to relive the times of energy which a person lost in the due course of the day due to excessive work pressure and the stress of responsibilities. Derived from the phrase ‘Public House’, a pub is a light-hearted, informal place where socialising and having dreamy delicacies are the best part. Drinks and food are served at the Gastro Pubs where having a wide variety of cuisines adds more value for their overall review. 


Coming from the Latin term – ‘Taberna’, a tavern is a casual drinking place that usually serves alcoholic beverages and food. There is a thin line between a bar and a tavern where the bar just serves minimal or no food at all while compared to the tavern where food too, is an integral part of the business outlet. In Australia, many bartenders work in an establishment like taverns where serving both food and alcohol makes people gather in larger quantities when they decide to spend quality time with their old mates and loved ones. 


Australia – the land where gambling is not just a word, it’s an emotion. Casinos play an important part in any Australian’s life, and a bartender adds extra spice to these casinos by serving the customers some of the drinks by exploiting their creative juices to come out with a masterpiece that gambles with their heart. Casinos in Australia include some of the most favourite games like Pokies, Roulette, Blackjack, and Keno. 



A comforting atmosphere, calming food, and a chilled beer – an apt definition for a good life! Restaurants with bars give you ample opportunities to experience heaven through food, drinks, and the ambience which will make you feel pampered. This proves a great place for the bartenders to serve their purpose just right as the people who come there remember the drink for a longer time as a restaurant mainly attracts customers through previous experiences and the information passed on through word of mouth. 

These places will provide indicate the apt kind of a platform for any bartenders as drinks like cocktails play a major role in any special occasions and the above-mentioned ones are those where the customers are usually people who are there to commemorate a special occasion or celebrate their life with the most important special person. Having the best drink during the best times of their lives is like having the best life ever as life is either about pleasant surprises or pleasant experiences.

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