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Technicalities involved with 5 important F&B technicians

Partying and get-togethers are an integral part of any person who considers spending relaxed time with loved ones to unwind from the usual blues. Parties, festivals, rock shows, and casual dinners uplift one’s mood by becoming the torch-bearer of a stress-free life which is extremely necessary in this busy world. 

A slice of life with a sip of wine is an undeniable deadly combo that can break the monotony of mundane life. In this journey towards finding successful party venues, pubs and bars play a crucial role as they contain some important people who take us towards the happy heaven of temporary emancipation. Unleashing us from us are these unmatched heroes who serve us with the right thing with the right kind of attitude. They are called Food and Beverage Professionals. 


The bar and the restaurant staff, the waiters, and the security personnel of the respective bars are the people who are not just experienced with their work but are equally qualified to be employed by any licensed premises of Australia. The RSA [Responsible Service of Alcohol] rules and regulations of the Government throws light on some of the most commonly found hurdles in the field of responsible selling of alcohol in a licensed environment and has compiled the dos and don’ts in a vigilant manner that ensures smooth functioning of the bar or restaurant. 

rsa techniques 

The rules are applicable to those places which promote the selling of alcohol and that have the license to sell alcohol to people whose age is 21 or above. According to this term, RSA guidelines must be followed at places like bars, pubs, liquor shops, resorts, restaurants, cruise, party venues, and private and corporate events. There are obviously rules and regulations too for those professionals who work in such workplaces. 


In this blog, we would be looking at the important job techniques and the string of responsibilities to be managed by 5 job roles that come under the RSA. They are:

  1.   Bar Staff
  2.   Security Person
  3.   Restaurant Staff
  4.   Sales Person at Bottle Shop
  5.   Promotional Staff 

rsa techniques 



Job Role:

Bar staff is the people who serve drinks at bars, pubs, restaurants, and other places which have the license to serve alcohol. The role includes serving the patron their desired drinks and food in a sensible and polite manner which can be a great win for the whole bar. Ensuring a pleasurable experience for each and every patron who visits the bar is the ultimate goal of the bar staff. 

RSA Says...

RSA being quick and patient simultaneously is the ultimate key to the success of bar staff. A sane staff with swag and style pinned up as a priority while serving the guests with their orders; all these without losing a tad bit of temper and even handling the tantrums of an intoxicated customer with utmost ease are the techniques that RSA prescribes to ace the job role. 



Job Role:

Security staff is expected to make sure that he/she has a keep observation to prevent any damage/violation or misdeed that may disturb the smooth functioning of the licensed premises like either a bar/pub or an alcohol-serving restaurant. This role is as important as the bartending jobs failing which may cause a commotion in the venue created by some miscreants or intoxicated patrons. 

RSA says...

Security staff is not just a “Bouncer” with a heavily built body and bloody red eyes. It is the one who has brushed up his/her RSA knowledge well to understand that there would be no entry to the people of inappropriate age, peace, and harmony would be restored in a timely manner in case of any unpleasant situations and that the difficult customers would be handled in a lawful way in place of personal dealings that might include physical attacks or any unacceptable public behaviours. 

restaurant staff


Job Role:

They are the well-dressed stewards/stewardesses who listen to the customers’ orders, suggest the specialties, and serve them the food and drinks in a given time to fulfill the needs of the palate. 

RSA says...

Understanding the customer’s taste and not underestimating their level of patience is the lesson learned from the RSA training. The core role might just be to serve food, but RSA teaches the fundamentals of this no-to-easy job by making it a more responsible job opportunity for aspiring service industry amateurs. Restaurant staff also serves courtesy, respect, and care with the sumptuous food without which a restaurant can go into a wreck. Leaving the place with a satisfactory feeling is the ultimate goal of any restaurant staff. 


Job Role:

A salesperson at a bottle shop is the one who explains the bottle shop products to guests and provides assistance when recommending beverages. The role includes duties like Cash handling, Beverage stock control, and training new staff in bottle shop procedures and product knowledge. 

RSA says...

A competent bottle shop attendant should be a polite individual who recognizes the taste of the customer, makes pleasing suggestions, and ensures the bottle shop remains compliant with all aspects of the liquor licence. Rotating stock, reconciling electronic fund transactions, and also promoting a safe workplace by recognising risks are the attributes that come in as a bonus with effective RSA training. 


Job Role:

This role requires enigmatic individuals who are liquor enthusiasts and crowd-pullers. They must be engaging and educate consumers on the client’s products while increasing retail sales during in-store events. 

RSA says...

A promotional staff is the marketing mammoth who would be instrumental in maximising sales opportunities by utilising supplier relationships, banner promotions, and up-selling items. Excellent knowledge of spirits, brilliant convincing and customer service capabilities, understanding the RSA limitations, and exhibiting the RSA regulations in a perfect manner is the best-added attributes for the promotional staff. The first-ever duty of a liquor promotional staff is to advertise the products in an age-friendly environment to the age-appropriate potential customers. 


Besides these, an RSA-certified professional, irrespective of his/her job role should understand that in addition to the standard responsible service laws, each licensed venue has its own characteristics and may have additional legal requirements or restrictions with regard to the sale of alcohol. RSA principles highlight the responsibilities of a safe and age-appropriate liquor promotion. Irresponsible liquor promotions are unacceptable, and liquor licensees found to be running irresponsible liquor promotions can face heavy fines or licence cancellation. More information regarding the alcohol service guidelines can be accessed through genuine RSA online training providers like Galaxy Training Australia. 


Take a look at the below-mentioned video for a better understanding: 

RSA and the Acceptable ID guidelines