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15 RSA and RSG Job Opportunities in Australia

Top 15 opportunities for you to grab

RSA and RSG are the two certifications in Australia which are the vital requirements for any bar, pub or gambling joints. Essentially, the RSG and RSA help you develop the skills and understanding necessary to sense, and if necessary help a compulsive gambler or an alcoholic. Therefore by law in many States, you will need either RSG or RSA training to work in a pub or hotel. Having the point mentioned as “RSA Certified Professional” can add value to your CV at many states of Australia which is like your ticket to having better career opportunities.


All courses include training and assessment, and it is important that you complete a course for the industry that you wish to work in. Your prospective employers will request proof that you have completed a course before they employ you, in order to comply with the requisite laws and legislations. RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate is mandatory for anyone looking to work in the liquor industry - including licensees, pub secretaries, serving staff and security staff. The RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) certificate is compulsory for anyone working around poker machines [The Pokies], and who also assist the gamblers and gaming patrons. In NSW most bars also have on-site gambling machines. Therefore it is essential to have this certificate too when seeking bar work.


Galaxy Training Australia comes up with the 15 amazing jobs in Australia for all those RSA and RSG qualified, ambitious professionals. It’s a great pool of opportunities and we give you the proper platform for you to take a fresh deep breath then plunge in.  



  • Bar Staff:

Bar staff are the people who serve drinks at the bars, pubs, restaurants and other places which have the license to serve alcohol. The job description of a Bar Staff includes being courteous with the customer/ patrons and server them the drinks with the right quantity of alcohol contents in them.


  • Bottle shop attendant:

A successful Bottle shop attendant must be primarily somebody who is passionate about the intricacies of liquor and its brands. An able bottle shop attendant should be a courteous individual who understands the taste of the customer, makes satisfying suggestions and completes the transaction with the utmost ease.


  • Manager at Licensed premises:

A manager must be able to take care of the inventory, supplying vendors and keep a track on some vital things like license renewal, budgeting and hiring and training of the bar staff. Customer satisfaction with smooth sailing of business must be the ultimate goal for any manager.


  • Security Staff:

An RSA certified security staff is expected to make sure that he/she has a keep observation to prevent any damage/violation or irregularities that may disturb the smooth functioning of the licensed premises like either a bar/pub or an alcohol-serving restaurant. It is in the hands of such staff that the alcohol serving premises function smoothly with no harm done to the property or the reputation.


  • Event Staff:

A well-qualified event staff is the one who cares the guests in such a polite way that they would literally feel-at-home. An event could be for both the host and the guest. It is in the hands of event staff to ease any kind of stress concerning the F&B and manage the in and out of the catering services whole-heartedly and single-handedly. A keen eye of observation, good knowledge of the menu and the perfect skilful technique of winning the heart of the hosts and the guest with spotless teamwork are the very crucial acquired characteristics of event staff.


  • Liquor Assistant:

In addition to having an RSA, a Liquor assistant is responsible to carry out price updates as required, generate stock orders for the department, carry out receipt of goods procedures, prepare claims for any damaged stock and also process and price the stock received in accordance with the store’s policy. It is important that the liquor assistant maintain general cleanliness and merchandise presentation of the Department.


  • Food and Beverage Attendant:

Having an utmost passion for food and hospitality, great communication and problem-solving skills, rendering exceptional customer service and adhering to the rules and regulations of RSA and the general safety procedures – A food and beverage attendant can reach greater heights if he/she possesses these amazing traits throughout their career.


  • Meeting and Event Supervisor:

A passionate customer service professional, who has top-notch leadership skills, outstanding ability to multitask at extreme conditions, self-driven and motivating persona and having a good experience in the F&B industry which also includes an RSA as a bonus – there we have a perfect candidate for the role of an Event Supervisor.



Let us now look into the excellent jobs which an RSG certified professional can get into:




  • Events Coordinator:

Supporting the development, management and execution of gaming events and promotions that deliver against revenue growth targets and strategic consumer group priorities are some of the important duties of an event coordinator. In addition to that, a coordinator also must be instrumental in creating calendar events that talk about the upcoming promotional events and work closely with the complete team with command and respect moving parallel to each other.


  • Gaming Staff:

The duties and responsibilities of a gaming staff include Gaming operations, Cash Handling skills and Stock Control. All these coupled with pleasing communication, unmatched time, risk management and excellent organizational skills.


  • Venue Manager:

Complete knowledge of the law compliance and the rules and regulations that RSG preaches is the first and the foremost attribute of a venue manager that would fetch them a great growth in their career growth. A venue manager is expected to maintain the day to day operations smoothly, coordinate precisely with the staff and make sure that the day goes by without any negative situations. Understanding the club operations better and trying to understand the patrons in the best of their limits to render customer satisfaction must be the ultimate goal of the venue manager.


  • Trainer/Assessor:

High-level interpersonal skills including good communication, motivation and empowering skills, a trainer or an assessor are expected to have high experience in this field. In addition to RSG, a certification under hospitality is also at times mandatory at certain parts of Australia. An able trainer is expected to have the complete knowledge of the F&B industry in his/her fingertips and does the knowledge share responsibly, adhering to the rules and the laws.


  • Game operator:

A successful Game operator would be someone who is customer service driven. With a good knowledge of Gaming, TAB & bistro, he/she must be knowledgeable about all gaming & tab procedures. Being aware of the functionalities of the game and the gaming elements and the ability to manage with ease and grace are the important aspects of a game operator.


  • Gaming Venue Security:

Applicants with RSG with them who also have greater ability to communicate, control the crowd and have in them an extraordinary level of conflict resolution skills, those would make the best Gaming Venue Security staff.


  • Gaming Supervisor:

Extensive experience in customer service, good management skills and in-depth knowledge about the do’s and don’ts suggested by the RSG laws are the important qualities required to be a gaming supervisor. A winning attitude with a vision to be courteous and customer friendly is the best way to stay successful in this job.




Tuesday, November 12, 2019 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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