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5 reasons why bartending is a great job

Sounds like a good plan there...

Thinking of an exciting career option where your creative skills would be acclaimed with high priority? Bartending it is! Galaxy Training Australia talks about 5 different best reasons stating why is bartending a good job. Becoming a bartender comes with a lot of perks. GTA points out the best 5 out of the huge rest which would compel you to become a bartender – a successful one!



A bartender can work at multiple locations like bar, pubs, restaurants, taverns, catering events and reputed resorts. Australia is highly in demand of an RSA certified, skillful bartender who would promise to take the bartending process to the whole new level. Making a drink with the right amount of alcohol, giving a pleasurable experience to the patrons and matching up with the changes and coming up with innovative drinks to improve the success quotient of a drinking joint is highly depended on a super bartender. Here are some of the reasons why bartending is one of the most exciting career options:


New people, new experiences:

A bartender with unmatched knack not necessarily should work under the same premises throughout his/her career. A successful one is the one who travels across the globe showcasing the talent of attractively mixing the drink or exhibiting some exuberant skills of cocktail presentation. Having an RSA is one dimension which acts like a ticket to bartending. But it is the passion and the hunger to explore one’s hidden talent to innovate new things that make them famous with the crowd. New places, new people, innumerable experiences to last a lifetime - What more does a party nomad need?


The Knowledge, the skill:

Bartending expands your horizon to become a celebrated drink mixing artiste who would play with the cocktails and come up with intricacies and improvisations to treat the patrons with nothing but the best. Remembering someone for the drink they served can get them back to the same place in order to enjoy the drink again and again. This would only come through practice and acceptance of the change. Clinging to the roots is normal but staying close to the traditional approach and adding a personal twist is where one would succeed. Bartending is one such platform to unleash the creator in you.



Different, unique:

Tired with the same old 9-5 job, cracking codes on the computer screen or banging your heads to achieve the monthly targets? A bartender takes away all your pain and gives you a glass of magic potion which releases all the tension of the whole day. Ever thought how great it would be to become one of those happy messiahs who spread this cheer? Bartending is surely one of the most desirable jobs which many of them are dreaming of. Why? For the charm and bling bartending rings with it baby!


Confidence, competence:

Bartending job is the one that requires constant acceptance of change and inculcating the innovative approach towards the career that would enhance the level of confidence in them. A happy bartender is the one who never holds back in coming up with ground-breaking techniques of cocktail mixing, unimaginable varieties of garnishing and mind-boggling methods of presenting a drink. All put together, a successful bartending career boosts the confidence and takes success to a greater zenith each day.


Smile please, say cheese!

Friends celebrating a birthday, a couple ecstatic about their anniversary or a broken heart who just went through a break-up – reasons are million but the person who either celebrates your joy or lends a shoulder to cry…bartender cometh. The sky is the limit they say but it is in the hands of a bartender who takes you to the high without reaching for one [pun intended] is the real calibre which makes this job more and more satisfying and enjoying. Sharing the love or caring for those who need love – comes in as one of the prerequisites for an able bartender.


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Tuesday, November 5, 2019 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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