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How to Maintain Your Health While Bartending Long Shifts

Healthy bartenders... happy bartenders!

Working a double shift, overnight standing behind the bar, keeping the spirit up all night and making sure that all these things are done in a smooth and sane fashion. Stress you may ask? The levels of stress would have reached new heights to the greatest epitomes but yet, it is always time to keep calm and work without the stress or tension, bothering you or your health. This is the life of a bartender in a nutshell. Handling the bartending tools and then trying to burn out the calories to maintain a chiselled body at the gym – that definitely needs more patience, devotion and time. But what about those times when time is the only constraint?


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A bartender is like a fine liquid that flows from one place to another, holding the shape of the respective places’ culture, being an excellent solvent who can absorb the flavour of any community and become one among them. So lucid and extremely dynamic is the nature of a bartender is what makes him/her the crowd favourite at any jolly joints of the party peeps. But does the life of a bartender is really the way it sounds? How do these busy bartenders make sure that they are hail and healthy all the time? What is the success mantra that keeps them always happy and joyful over their toes?


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The passion, the energy and the unconditional love towards their profession are what makes them one of the happiest souls on this planet. But these bubbling bundles of energy to lose their sheen with the time and the amount of stress they suffer as a gift from the same profession. Late-night working, double shifts sometimes and standing for most of their time can make them go low on their enthusiasm and build a curve opposite to the smile over their faces. We at GTA are always like a small, teenie bunch of cheerleaders who celebrate the spirit of such heroes called Bartenders who are always ready to help us party and celebrate our share of happiness on their health’s cost. Cheers to them!


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Here’s dedicating this page to the bartenders by giving them some of the best-known practices to keep their health up and running like a never ageing antique clock that is always precise with timing and is a timeless beauty that just gets better day by day. Here are the health tips on how to maintain health while bartending long shifts for the benefit of the bartending heroes across the globe:


Plan meals just like those meetings:

Skipping meals are one big blunder which takes a minute to follow but squeezes the entire mood of the day when it starts showing up its effects. The repercussions of skipping breakfast or lunch can prove really harsh on your body by taking a trip over your digestive process and resulting in acid reflux and a few more unpleasant complications like disturbed blood sugar levels. On a busy day, take a break of five minutes to stretch, loosen up and grab a quick bite to keep the show on!


Work it out with a workout:

Why workout when they are standing all day long behind the bar you may say, but some exercises that strengthen your core, back and calf muscles can improve your muscle stamina and keep you away from cramps and pains in an effective way. Periodical stretches, tiny lunges and stealing a quick squat here and there can keep any health-related issues away to help you stand tall and confident while you toss those cocktail mixers.


Whenever, wherever...never wear whatever:

Comfortable shoes, fabrics which breathe and the clothes that suit you right are the ones which you must be wearing to make your body cooperate in whatever you are best at doing. A bartender is expected to wear the best shoes for bartending, which can make them move swiftly around the counter without tripping and wear classy and comfortable attire which can keep their skin fresh and mood refreshing.


Stop binging over drinks and coffee:

When you are a bartender who is so very passionate about drink mixing, it is hence advised not to gulp into some of those enchanting potions to keep yourself in the great spirit that might help you build better drinks. Relying on caffeine by consuming lots of latte and cappuccino in order to fill up your digestive engine is definitely not a great idea. Excessive coffee and alcohol during a busy day can curb your hunger but can give way to those irreparable body damages that can cost you your entire life.


Power naps and aqua shots:

Working in multiple shifts calls in for extra energy and drama like consciousness that can only be attained by planning the day effectively. Taking power naps during the breaks or even meditating for a couple of minutes can boost your immune system and recharge your senses to tackle much more complex situations. Hydrating the body with regular refuelling of water can prove extra effective. Keep a personal bottle or two near the bar counter, set up alarms to have water at regular intervals to keep the body away from health hazards.


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Above all these, try to understand that stress is inevitable in any profession. Accept your life with a smile, take a deep breath and recollect all those hardships you went through to reach this stage of your profession and Lo! You will again be ready to face yet another day of sweet challenges and sweeter compliments.

Friday, April 3, 2020 | by Galaxy Training Australia

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